How to find guitar sheet music online

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guitar sheet music
Build your repertoire with an eclectic selection of sheet music
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Guitar sheet music is easy to find online at these great resources

Learning to play the guitar is an exciting step for music lovers. While the ‘easy’ classical songs most teachers use with beginners help develop your technique and knowledge, they don’t feed the passion that motivated you to take up the guitar in the first place. Fortunately, guitar sheet music is widely available for your playing pleasure.

In the process of going from a passive listener to an eager student, it makes sense to want to play the songs you love. Though more difficult to play, finding guitar sheet music for songs you like has a few perks. Since you’re already familiar with the song, you know what the guitar should sound like so you can measure your progress instinctively. Your enthusiasm for the song will bring out your inner perfectionist and you’ll begin experimenting with different styles early on.

Where to find guitar sheet music

Like most things music related, you’ll find the largest variety of guitar sheet music online. A number of sites even offer sheet music for free. Large book stores and music stores carry guitar sheet music as well. Typically, sheet music is categorized by genre then alphabetized.

If you’re teaching yourself guitar, you can find a number of beginners’ songs at 8notes.com. You can also look for sites that include tablature (a.k.a. tabs) and sheet music, the former shows you where your fingers should stand and lets you check that your fingers are in the correct position.

The selection of guitar sheet music online is so extensive that it may seem overwhelming. Some sites allow you to download sheet music while others display the sheet music directly on the web page. You can easily print downloads and stream the song online while learning.

Sites with Guitar Sheet Music

Sheet Music Plus

SheetMusicPlus.com claims to offer “the world’s largest selection of guitar music”.  From a collection of Beatles songs, to Jimi Hendrix, the Glee soundtrack or Taylor Swift – no matter what music genre or artist you’re looking for, you have a good chance of finding it here. Songs books cost from $14-$30 and include tabs, standard notation, lyrics, cord names, bass tabs, drum notation and performance notes.

The Free Sheet Music Guide

If you’re in more of a browsing mood, check out the Free Sheet Music Guide. This guide directs you to free, popular and obscure guitar sheet music. According to the guide, Guitar Noise is a god resource or beginners and a “fun place to learn to play”. They list top 30 bestsellers sold by Sheet Music Plus as well as top 10s by genre including country, rock and classical.

Guitar Gallery Music

Guitar Gallery Music sells guitar sheet music for popular genres, as well as pop songs suitable for kids. Song books include sheet music and a CD and cost about $12-$30, though most are on the lower end. Many of these books teach basic cords, but no theory.


Free-Scores.com offers legal, free guitar sheet music for downloading. You can sort the selection of over 20,000 songs by instrument, style and instrumentation. The site provides a PDF that you can print or play from your computer.

Now that you know how to find guitar sheet music, build you repertoire and practice until you can feel guitar strings in your sleep!


Guitar Noise
Free Sheet Music Guide

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