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How do you blog? Do you know where to start? Here are begginners' blogging tips

Bloggers start blogging for many reasons. For some, blogging is a kind of online journal by which they can share their insights, document their life, or showcase their family’s milestones. For others, blogging is a way to create a forum by which to disseminate information or engage in a discussion with readers. 

No matter what your motivation, effective blogging often centers around a shared interest, and the give and take between the blogger and the blog readers concerning that common interest.

Tools of the Trade

There are many blogging platforms available for those wanting to blog. Those wanting to blog without investing money in the endeavor can easily create an account with a hosted platform, such as Blogger or Tumblr, and be up and blogging in minutes!

For those wanting a stand-alone platform, they can create a blog powered by WordPress or TextPattern, among others. For a beginning blogger, the free platforms are likely sufficient while they hone their blogging skills and building their audience.

Tout Your Topic

Most blogs have a premise—something they are trying to share. For some, it may simply be sharing the activities of your family, a creative journey, or a career change. 

Some blogs specialize in a niche, or a very specific topic. Some blogs do not rely on words at all, but instead they provide visual stimulation in the form of photographs or graphic art. 

However, blogs that tend to have some common thread to hold it together, to keep the content cohesive, and to make it easier to find an audience.

Crafting Content

The most important aspect of any blog is the content. If your focus is on photos of cats, make sure that the pictures contain the most adorable kittens doing the most remarkable things  If your blog centers around a career change, don’t gloss over the stumbling blocks. Describe your journey honestly. 

Readers relate to stories with ups and downs; who can relate to perfection? Just make sure that your blog is authentic and that the content is engaging to keep readers coming back to your site.

How Often?

Be realistic about how frequently you can blog. Don’t try to blog daily if your “life commitments” make it unlikely that you can generate thoughtful, well-crafted content without suffering from sleep deprivation and/or a nervous breakdown. Posting just once or twice per week will be plenty if the content is kept fresh and relevant. 

Make sure to let your readers know how frequently they can expect updates, and keep up your part of the bargain.

Following, Friending, and Finding Your Audience

Whether you just want to keep Aunt Ethel informed about the familial goings-on or if you want to convert the world to your way of thinking, you still need to build an audience. You can write the incredibly informative and inspirational blogs, but if no one knows your blog exists you won’t have readers. 

So make sure to share your content, and make it easy for readers to follow via their favorite social media outlet. Enable your readers to follow your blog via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, and RSS feed. There are plenty of widgets available to allow readers to follow with just a click of a button. Just make sure to make is so easy that even Aunt Ethel can figure it out!

Remember, it takes time to build an audience. It is unlikely that you will garner 10,000 followers in your first month. Be patient. As you build more content for your blog, it becomes a greater resource for your readers, and readers will find you. 

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