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How much is a coin worth and where to go to value collectible coins

Whether you're a prospective buyer looking to find that perfect coin, or a seller looking to finally cash in on your collecting hobby, it's imperative to know and understand current prices within the market.

Now, how do you do that for extremely rare items? And how do you make sure that the price is correct, the value is there, and you aren't getting the short end of the stick?

Like with many other things in life, the Internet can be a great starting point to gather information. For buyers and sellers alike, there are what seems like hundreds of sites available which can help kick-start your search into high gear. There are almost too many to sort though in a timely manner.

Taking the common threads from diverse sites, three factors will help you to ascertain how valuable your piece really is:
  • Scarcity
  • Condition
  • Demand
Below, we will take a look at several websites that will assist you in determining the value of U.S. coins, world coins and ancient coins are worth. These sites will provide the collector with information on how you can buy or sell to your heart's content. To sift through all the information available, read on.

Best Sites to Help You Buy or Sell

The acoin.com website offers a look at specific pieces and what they might fetch at an auction or if sold to an interested dealer. They also cover specific guidelines to follow when looking to find the value of a certain piece, as well as provide some great links to other sites that will help to simplify the process.

The PCGS.com site (Professional Coin Grading Service) offers a price guide that is as in-depth as it is enormous. They offer potential prices on:
  • Dollars
  • Half-cents and Cents
  • Gold
  • Two and Three Cents
  • Nickels
  • Commemoratives
  • Half-Dimes and Dimes
  • Bullion Pieces
  • Quarters
  • Mint Sets
  • Territorial
  • Half Dollars

So, as you can see, they offer an astounding bit of knowledge for the buying public. The PCGS is the standard bearer for the industry, as their website points out to viewers. On their webpage, it says they have prices for 221,378 current US pieces. As well, they have an astounding 18,974,762 historic US prices on file.

They also offer a variety of other helpful items on their site, from price changes to piece totals, and more. There are other sites as well, like the Heritage Auctions site, coinstudy.comBeckett Collectibles, and more, which can offer potential buyers and sellers a way in which to get the most up-to-date prices on rare (and expensive) collections.

For Additional Resources and Information

For information on collecting, head over to the Falcon Currency homepage. There, you'll find specific information tailor-made for prospective buyers of rare and featured items. For sellers, lookk for truly expert advice on pulling the best price for your piece/s.

The previously mentioned webpage covers local dealers, shows, auction houses, and more. In order to operate at peak levels, they want you to know and understand the most important aspect of selling; that being, to know the value of your collection. Using the previously mentioned sites online, one can begin the process of locating specific pieces and using multiple avenues in which to find what they are worth in today's economy.

Thus, finding out how much is a coin worth just became an easier proposition due in large part to the immense wealth of knowledge to be found not only online, but in print (like Numismatic News or Coin World) as well. In the end, it's about finding the right value for the items and not undervaluing (or overvaluing) them in the process.


Acoin.com: What's It Worth?

Coinstudy.com: Selling Coins.

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