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Scrapbooking is fun for all ages.
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Discover scrapbooking tools that are available online, many of which are free.

Online tools for scrapbooking abound, if you know the right places to look. After reading about what is available, you'll be armed with knowledge to locate the best tools to suit your needs. Online scrapbooking supplies and tools fall into two broad categories: those that are free and those that are not. Within those categories, you may find everything from downloadable kits to 3D templates, computer software and scrapbooking-centered networks with forums and blogs.

Free Online Tools for Scrapbooking

Here are four of the leading sites which offer free online tools to create scrapbooks:

  • Canon's Creative Park - This company offers a free downloadable kit that allows you to print standard scrapbook pages. Create new books or add to your existing books. Canon also offers downloadable 3D templates.
  • SmileBox - The ability to create beautiful scrapbook pages is just minutes away with the free software download from SmileBox. They even have interactive digital scrapbook formats, so you can add music, make pages turn within a layout or change sizes. Add-on's and some products do have a fee, but it's very affordable. And you can't beat free for the really cool software!
  • CropMom - All you have to do is complete the free sign up, and you're ready to start uploading pictures and creating stunning, creative scrapbook layouts. No need to waste time figuring out the controls...they even have onsite tutorials to get you going faster. 
  • Shutterfly - This company offers free membership and unlimited photo storage. Create photobooks, websites and digital scrapbooks, network with other enthusiasts, and read step-by-step guides.

Buy Online Tools for Scrapbooking

Sometimes there is an advantage to using paid services and tools. It is convenient to use photo printing services or computer software programs which offer options that meet your needs. Here are two of the leading companies for paid scrapbooking services:

  1. CVS Photo Center - This company allows you to upload and arrange your photos. You may decorate them online or print them out to decorate at home. CVS offers one of the most well known photo printing services.
  2. Ahni&Zoe for Creative Memories - This specialized scrapbooking software features a variety of template options and design themes for scrapbooks and photo books. They also offer catalogs and local events for people who prefer paper scrapbooking, or who like to mix traditional and digital scrapbooking. 

Scrapbooking Computer Software

The following computer software products are available for purchase. They are all commonly used for scrapbooking projects. Prices vary depending upon the retailer.

  • Memory Mixer
  • My Memories Suite
  • Digital Scrapbook Artist
  • Photo Fusion
  • Art Explosion Scrapbook Factory Deluxe
  • Photo One Print
  • Hallmark Scrapbook Studio
  • Photo Collage Studio
  • PhotoMix
  • Smile Box

Printing Out Digital Scrapbooks

Most of the online tools given above allow you to print out a physical copy of your scrapbook and accompanying photos. Specialized tools and software help you create truly unique additions to your scrapbooks, like photo mosaics, picture words and custom-tinted black and white photographs. Once you have created your digital scrapbook, you may want to decorate it at home so you'll have a copy to put on the coffee table for others to enjoy, or to put in a safe place as a keepsake.

This is when scrapbooking, craft and hobby supplies come in very handy. Although it is relatively easy and very nice to create a scrapbook digitally, it is also nice to hold the physical object in your hands and "touch" the memories. Crafts and scrapbooks have a delightful way of bringing people together - whether it is virtually or in the real world, in your own home or across the globe.

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