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Find out what is a reenactment and be intrigued or inspired to see one live

There are lots of hobbies to be had that have to do with history in this day and age. Some people have turned to collecting in order to get a better understanding of what went on during the period of time that has long since passed. Other people feel like they best know what happened in the bygone age by actually walking a mile in their footsteps. 
These people are known as reenactors and they do more than just study history. These people actually try and relive it.

The answer to the question, what is a reenactment is actually quite simple. A reenactment is when a person actually dresses up in the garb of a historical figure or figures and acts out something that actually happened in history, as closely to what actually happened as possible.

Some people confuse reenactment actors with Live Action Role Players. In fact there is big difference between people who engage in reenactments and those who LARP. The biggest difference of course is that LARPing is based almost entirely in some sort of fantasy world. As a general rule there are some boundaries in how a person can role play, but once they have the ground rules, they can take the story wherever they want.

Someone who is engaging in a reenactment has a very strict set of guidelines as far as what they are supposed to be doing.

There are also some similarities between the two past times. Both LARPers and reenactors dress up in the garb of whatever they are trying to pretend to be. This is actually easier for people who are going after a historical situation because there are real live costume ideas in most of the local museums. If you are pretending to be part of the civil war, then they are going to be dressing in the uniforms of the civil war complete with the jackets of the high ranking commanders and realistic weapons.

Someone who is LARPing is going to probably have to come up with a costume out of thin air, unless they can actually use a costume that is sold in Halloween outfitting stores. That also means that people who are role playing have a great deal more leeway when it comes to putting a costume together.

The fact of the matter is that a reenactment is basically trying to bring the past alive, not only for the people who are engaging in the scene, but for those who might be watching. There are entire societies that work all year to polish and perfect their craft so that those who are watching them go to work think that they are witnessing history.

While most people probably think about the Civil War as the event that most people reenact, but there is literally no historical event that couldn't fit into the same category as long as people are willing to make sure they are doing it accurately. For the most part, these do tend to be large battles, because those tend to be the most interesting to see acted out again, but scenes from history can be done as well.

Get the right outfit, and weapons such as a sword or cutlass and you can act out the situation when Black Beard the pirate was finally taken down.

Put on a gladiator's outfit and you can reenact what it was like when they were fighting for their lives.

The only real rules of this situation is that they have to be as accurate as possible to what really happened. Straying from the storyline in a way that people know isn't what really happened changes the situation back into merely playing make believe, which isn't really the point.

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