Great and cheap Father's Day gift ideas

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Man in barbeque apron
Is your dad a master griller? Consider new barbeque tools or a cool new apron and hat for the chef of the house as affordable Father's Day gifts
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Give Dad a terrific gift without breaking the bank.

Tired of traditional items such as ties and soap-on-a-rope, many of us would love to stumble across the perfect Father's Day present sure to surprise and delight the most important man in our lives, while at the same time not breaking the bank. Here are some great ideas for affordable Father's Day gifts that will thrill your dad and make sure that when he says thank you, he really means it.

Enhance His Golf Game

The key to finding the perfect Father's Day gift is to consider your dad's interests. Golf enthusiasts love anything that will make them feel like a pro out on the greens. Traditionally, golf equipment is expensive. Purchasing new clubs or a club membership probably won't be an option, but there are many great golf accessories that won't put your wallet through a workout. A monogrammed towel or initialed golf balls are great ideas, as is a gift certificate for 18 holes.

If you enjoy golf as well, plan for a day out on the links together. Not only will your dad get to enjoy his favorite sport, he will also get to spend the day with his favorite child (come on, you know it's you!). Visit your local golf shop for a number of affordable Father's Day gifts.

Focus on His Hobbies

Dad's hobbies may include fishing, gardening, music or sports. While a new fishing boat or fancy rod and reel may not fit your budget, a new fishing or gardening hat, a sparkly new lure, or an exotic plant will be sure to please. Does your dad love baseball? Tickets to a local game is one among many simple fun gifts for Father's Day. As with golfing, being in your company will make this gift extra special.

If your dad loves music, mix him a CD of his favorites. Not only will your dad enjoy the songs, the thought and effort put into the making of his gift will be appreciated. Is your dad a master griller? Consider new barbeque tools or a cool new apron and hat for the chef of the house.

Simple Fun Gifts for Children to Give to Dad

Chore coupon book

Kids need not be left out. Even if your allowance doesn't allow you to buy your dad a gift, homemade ones are just as good. Make your dad a coupon book chock-full of promises from you for chores around the house. Examples could be one free bed-making or one free dog-walking. Not only will your dad be happy for the help around the house, but your allowance might get a bonus due to your creativity and willingness to contribute.

A scrapbook

Make a small booklet of all your favorite dad memories. You can even paste in photos of you and your dad spending time together. (Trust me, dads eat up this sort of thing!)

Plant a tree

Purchase a small sapling and plant the tree in your yard with your dad. The tree will be a reminder of the day the two of you spent together and watching it grow will be sure to evoke tender memories. A tree is a gift your father will enjoy for years to come.

Homemade Gifts From Younger Children

Even younger children can make amazing and affordable Father's Day gifts.

Frame a drawing

Have your wee ones paint or draw a picture, then go to your local department store and buy a frame. Many inexpensive frames comes with matting to make your child's art look professional. Not only will dad be touched, the kid's will be thrilled at seeing their creations hung up in Dad's study or bedroom.

Painted handprints

Purchase some fabric paint and have your children put their handprints on a plain T-shirt, or paint a flowerpot and have your children press their painted hands against it. Having his children's small hands documented forever is a touching gift for any father.

Blow up a photo

Blow up your favorite photo and have it framed. Memories make some of the very best presents.

There are dozens of great ideas for affordable Father's Day gifts. But remember, no matter what you give your dad this year, if it's given with love your father will be sure to adore it.

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