Christmas door decorating ideas

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Christmas door wreath
Give your front door a holiday makeover with surprising twists and creative touches
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Have fun with Christmas door decorating ideas that make your home festive

Decorating the interior of your home for the holidays creates a warm, festive atmosphere. While you may have a specific plan in mind for the overall style of your holiday decor, the front door deserves special attention.

As the first thing friends and family see before entering the home, a front door that welcomes guests with holiday spirit will help set the tone for the whole season. Put your own creative twist on these Christmas door decorating ideas.

Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

String Christmas Wishes

This is an easy D.I.Y. project you can do with kids:

Garland string - First, cut a thick string, hemp works well. Make sure it's long enough to form two connecting diagonals from top to bottom – in the shape of an obtuse angle. If you use ribbon instead of string, keep in mind that it must be strong enough to withstand weather.

Next, hang the string or ribbon for your Christmas wish garland. Begin at the Top corner of the door opposite your door knob and secure the string with tape. Run the string diagonal to the knob and wrap it around the knob twice before running the string to the bottom corner of the door. The string should be taught.

Cutouts - After attaching your garland string, cut out winter and holiday-themed shapes about the size of your hand: stars, snowflakes, snowmen or elf shoes. Thick, paper looks best, but you may want to attach a Popsicle stick on the back of each cutout to prevent the paper from curling.

Instructions - Place the cutouts in a basket with a nice, thick black pen (attach the pen to the basket with a string) and a few clothespins painted red and green. Lay a piece of cloth over the basket so items don’t blow away. Make a simple sign welcoming guests and inviting them to write a Christmas wish or message on one of the cutouts and hang the cutout on the string. After the holiday, you’ll have items for the scrapbook or a future holiday collage.


The Sing-for-Entry Door

Take a unique, lighthearted approach to decorating your door. This is one of many Christmas door decorating ideas that demand interaction and help break the ice during holiday entertaining.

Get sheet music for your favorite Christmas carols and tape them to your door. Frame the door in non-blinking Christmas lights. Cover the door bell with a sign that says “Door bell broke, please knock and sing”. Cut a hole for the peephole so you can see your guests singing, and give an extra cookie to the ones who really belt it out.

Make a Side Door for the Elves

Decorate your Christmas door with wrapping paper or last year’s holiday cards. Create an identical front door five times smaller and secure it next to your door with a sign that reads “Elves Welcome”. Add the details that will make this door realistic. Make a copy of your welcome mat, peephole and leave a pair of elf shoes by the side of the door.

The Door of Christmas’s Past

This is one way to decorate your Christmas door in a completely unique and meaningful way. Pull out your old Christmas cards and tattered (but not fragile) decorations that you don’t usually end up using. Use a long roll of plain paper the same size as the door for your backing. Lay out the paper and make a collage from your old Christmas cards. Cut out the pictures and personal messages and arrange them into a quilt-like pattern. Attach the collage to your door with strong tape. For an classic touch, line your door with strings of cranberry, popcorn and beads.

For many, decorating the home for the holidays is a treat. The process becomes a ritual of thinking about past holidays and why we decorate in the first place. Your front door may not be the main show like the tree or fireplace, but a thoughtfully decorated door will lift the spirits of everyone who comes and goes, including you.

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