Funny Christmas card ideas

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Nothing warms the heart like a Christmas card
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Ideas for funny cards this Christmas

My holiday season is always packed with activities. From shopping for the perfect gift for relatives to finding a recipe for pumpkin pie, I'm kept on my toes from December 1st to December 26th. One of my first activities is finding the perfect Christmas cards to send to the friends and relatives I have scattered around the globe. From Sweden to Arizona, I depend on Christmas cards to remind those far away loved ones that I'm thinking about them during the holidays. Because of my long distance loved ones, I'm constantly on the hunt for funny Christmas card ideas.

My mother prefers the more classic Christmas cards. Hers are typically ornate, with illustrations of the nativity or a lovely gold leafing on the cover. My cards, however, are far more laid back and humorous. I enjoy searching for funny Christmas card ideas that I think my loved ones will enjoy.

Although I do appreciate classically beautiful stationary, if I'm sending cards to say "I love you" to relatives, my personality needs to show through. If you're like myself and you've got a larger than life sense of humor, you can use these funny Christmas card ideas this next holiday season.

1. Instead of just writing your address on envelope after envelope, you can find fun holiday address labels that are designed specifically for unique personalities. The whimsy and artistic touch these adorable labels add to your Christmas cards will be unforgettable for your loved ones. I prefer over other holiday designs. Some retailers offer address labels that feature famous Christmas characters such as Rudolph, Frosty and more. These Christmas address labels will allow you to add a special touch to your next holiday card.

2. Some of the best funny Christmas card ideas are the ones that come from your own imagination. There are a large number of retailers that offer blank Christmas cards that allow you to print your own message. Try including a fun family quote or reminding your friend of a special inside joke. This personalized touch will not only make them smile, but it will warm the heart.

3. If you have young children in your family, consider allowing them to design your family Christmas card. Tell your children to work on a Christmas picture. Once they've completed their yuletide masterpiece, scan it onto your computer and use a photo editing program to place it on a card and add desired text. Relatives will enjoy looking at these funny, unique creations.

4. If you have a knack for writing, you can write your own version of A Christmas Carol or Twas the Night Before Christmas. If your cards are specifically for family members, rewrite a classic tale with your relatives names in place of the original characters based on their personalities. Rename the story and include it in your family's next Christmas card.

5. Add some tunes to your Christmas card by making a CD of your favorite Christmas songs. Be sure to use the proper packaging for your cd and card to ensure it doesn't get damaged during shipping and remember to include a play list.

These unique, funny Christmas card ideas are sure to keep your loved ones smiling and laughing all year round. Try to use one of these cool tips for your next holiday card.

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