Gift ideas for your wife

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The rewards will be plentiful if you find the perfect gift
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When gift ideas are for your wife, some creative thinking is needed

Not every wife is a high maintenance woman—thank goodness. Today, gift ideas for your wife are plentiful and the resulting purchases mostly are modest but meaningful. Women today seem to appreciate the thought behind the gift. Nevertheless, history books are filled with the excesses of women whose demands would far surpass the most extravagant of gift ideas for your wife.

Cleopatra, for instance, wanted to be queen of Egypt—and the entire world. Imelda Marcos owned, some say, 5,400 pairs of shoes. And Hollywood beauty Elizabeth Taylor always sported clusters of diamonds, rubies and sapphires set in pieces of jewelry made from costly metals. Today, gift ideas for your wife may indeed result in the purchase of a piece of jewelry but the bauble’s meaning will be from the heart—not the emperor’s treasury.

A gift that means, “I love you,” is the one that will make a wife smile. Think of the things that mean the most to her. Chances are good that children are high on the list. In that case, jewelry is a fine choice, if it’s jewelry with a sentimental touch. Gift ideas for your wife may lead to the acquisition of an eye-catching gold tone ring with up to half-a-dozen simulated stones that are the birthstones of her children. Such rings can be personalized with a name inscribed next to each sparkling stone. No kids? Have your own birthstone inset and your own name inscribed—six times. She’ll love you for coming up with such creative gift ideas for your wife.

Is your wife a hands-on wife?

Thinking about the likes and dislikes of your better half is one of the best ways to come up with appropriate gift ideas for your wife. Is she a dainty person whose idea of a nightmare is mud on her gloves? Do not get her a pair of hip boots suitable for wearing in the shallows during a fishing trip. Is she a dog person? The holidays are not the time to introduce a kitten to the house.

Gift ideas for your wife are sure to lead you to buying the perfect present if a little forethought is applied. Many women today are adept at projects ranging from woodworking to home repair. Your handy lady might love the gift of a tool set that includes a hammer, wrench, wire cutter, needle nose pliers and other goodies—for instance, a socket wrench with plenty of bits and sockets. A lady's tool set goes far to answer the quest for gift ideas for your wife. And there is a fringe benefit for you: fewer chores on her next honey-do list.

Are you proud your wife’s a geek?

If gift ideas for your wife need to include ideas that relate to gizmos, gadgets and electronic wizardry, you may want to consider the outrageous. What would happen if you showed up with a gift-wrapped present that was long, narrow and pointed at each end? That kind of gift, topped with a big red bow, might result in a massive administration of hugs—if the gift is a transparent canoe made of crystal clear space-age polymers. Any number of other amazing high tech gifts designed to please the geek in any wife can easily wiggle their ways into your thoughts about gift ideas for your wife. Be imaginative. And don’t—I repeat, do not—buy her a vacuum cleaner or a new broom, even if it is pink.

Is your budget under stress?

A recent Gallup poll notes that Americans are averaging about $740 in expenditures on holiday spending. That’s a lot of teddy bears and video games and pajamas decorated with candy canes. The new figures are slightly down from higher numbers predicted last year. But people are spending. The Gallup report on holiday spending is an interesting one. Nevertheless, when pondering gift ideas for your wife, consideration needs to be made for how much of your money is in the till. Many things can be pondered as gift ideas for your wife that cost little or no money.

Make up some gift certificates indicating you will do chores or errands. Buy a bottle of lotion and give her a card with a promise of a foot rub. Why not purchase some loose rose petals from a flower shop and draw for her a warm bath? Sprinkle the rose petals into the bath and light a scented candle. Lead her into the bathroom and watch her surprise. Gift ideas for your wife may be best when based not on a budget, but on your vivid imagination.

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