Funny and unique Halloween costume ideas

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white trash
Use a play on words to create a laugh out loud Halloween costume.
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Halloween costume ideas you can make yourself without breaking the bank

There is no bigger hit at a costume party than a funny and unique Halloween costume idea. Many of these costumes are easy to make at home in no time for under $20 with just a few simple craft supplies. While everyone's been a witch or a ghost at least once in their life, why not spice it up this year and create something truly unique and possibly even hysterical?

Shrimp on the Barbie

Many of the funniest and most unique costumes are often a play on words. For this costume you will need:

-an old prom dress (preferably pink)

-fishing lures (preferably in the shape of shrimp)

-hot glue gun.

A few days before Halloween, heat up your glue gun and attach the fishing lures to the dress. If you would rather not explain yourself for the rest of the night, you can also attach a sign that spells it out for people that don't get it. This costume is even funnier if worn by a guy.

Brain Donor

While this costume isn't one of the funniest, it is certainly creepy and unique. You will need:

-a hospital gown

-an empty jar

-surgical gauze

-fake blood


This costume can be as creepy or as scary as you'd like it to be. All you have to do is wear a hospital gown and wrap your head in surgical gauze. Add a little fake blood around the bandaged area and then place the cauliflower inside a jar filled with water. It should be fairly obvious once you are done, that you are carrying your own brain.


Some of the funniest costumes are also the simplest. All you need for this costume is:

-a roll of aluminum foil.

You should wear tight fitting clothing that blends with the color of your skin. Then cover yourself in aluminum foil and go as a leftover. You can also glue a Tupperware lid to a headband for an added touch and write a date on yourself with permanent marker.

White Trash

This costume is simple but it always gets people. All you need is

-a bathing suit

-a white trash bag.

Wear the bathing suit primarily because white trash bags can sometimes be see-through. Then, climb into a white trash bag punching holes in it with your arms and legs. Use a ribbon to tie the top around your neck or just use a bad that comes with a drawstring. When people ask, tell them you are white trash.

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