Holiday gifts for your boss and coworkers

By Matt Williamson
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Two people exchanging Christmas gifts
Wish your boss and coworkers a happy holiday with the right Christmas gift
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The holidays will arrive soon and we all know what this means: gift-giving time. Some of our coworkers and even our boss can be as close to us as our family members. Holiday gifts for your boss and coworkers allow you to show how special they are to you.

Company Policy

Some companies have specific policies about holiday gifts. If you are new, be sure to ask about company policies. Even if there may not be any official policies, there could be an office tradition. Ask your boss and coworkers what typically happens during the holidays and be sure to follow their system. This is critical when it comes to thinking of holiday gifts for your boss and coworkers.

Gifts for Your Boss

Giving your boss a gift can be a delicate process. You want to give your boss something nice to show you respect him or her but you also do not want to give something over-the-top that could seem like a bribe of some sort.

Think of what hobbies and interests your boss has mentioned in the workplace. If your boss is a great golfer, purchase a gift certificate to a golf shop or for a round of golf. For a boss who loves to read, consider a gift card to Barnes and Noble, Borders or their favorite independent bookstore. A technophile boss might appreciate a gift card from an electronic store, or a subscription to a new computer magazine. Gourmet gift baskets are a good choice if you know his/her food preferences.

No matter what you chose, keep the gift simple, and above all, in good taste. This is not the time for suggestive gifts.

Gifts for Your Coworkers

Base your gift selection on your coworkers' hobbies and interests. The fact that you gave them something related to their favorite hobby or interest will mean a lot to them. Even a gift certificate to their favorite store is a great gift idea because they can buy something that they will like.

Some popular ideas include:
  • Gift cards for movie rentals
  • Gift certificates for their favorite lunch or dinner spot
  • Picture frames for home or office
  • Desk top games and executive toys for their office
  • Electronic gadgets like thumb drives, book lights, and headphones
  • A certificate for a free oil change and tire rotation
  • Spa certificates
  • Gourmet food gift baskets
  • Homemade treats like cookies, fudge and brownies (make sure you're a good baker before you give these!)
  • Subscriptions for magazines related to their job, hobbies or the region where they live

Gather Information

If you feel stumped, pay attention to your boss and coworkers. Before you purchase gifts, engage them in simple conversation. Ask "How was your weekend?" or "What's new?" and pay close attention to their response.

If they say they are renovating part of their house, this gives you lots of gift ideas. You could give them a gift certificate to a home improvement store, a subscription to This Old House magazine, or a basket filled with paint brushes, tarps, and other inexpensive home improvement tools.

There are gift ideas all around you all it takes is asking some simple questions and listening. You'll be done with your holiday shopping in no time!

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