Instant Halloween costumes

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bat woman pajama
Sleepy Bat Woman reporting for duty
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Instant Halloween costumes that are truly easy for quick tricks and treats

October 30th may not be the best time to begin concocting the worldís spookiest monster get up for the Masquerade Party. If you have fun places to go and not a witchy hat to wear, instant Halloween costumes are in order. 

Quick and simple doesnít mean your ensemble wonít be clever. In fact, being tight on time will bring out your resourceful, creative side far better than any elaborate seasonal store can. These suggestions are based on common clothing and other articles you may have on hand.

Super hero

Even if you donít happen to have a pair of bright spandex on hand, you can still save the world from fiendish foes, or at least look the part. Super hero pajamas are multi-functional in that way. Trick or treat in them and you wonít even have to change out before drifting off in a candy coma. 

This goes for adults, too, if youíre lucky enough to have a bat girl night shirt with a hood and cape. Wonder Woman themed robes will also do the trick, simply adjust the role to a super sleepy hero.

Grunge rock star

Got plaid? Pair a flannel button-down with an over-sized tee and slightly dirty jeans. No need to wash your hair and the longer the better. Carry around a guitar if you really want to go all out, but itís the rebellious attitude thatíll pull this one together. Looking for a group costume idea? Go as a whole band like Pearl Jam or Mudhoney.

Quarter back proposes adhering a quarter to your back as a literal quarter back. This would work for men and women alike, and itís about as easy as instant Halloween costumes get. The only drawback is youíll probably spend the whole night pointing to the quarter on your back and hoping no one grabs it otherwise youíre a former quarter back.


Wear white tights and a long-sleeved white shirt on a cool night. Then drape a preferably stark white sheet around yourself in the style of a fierce Greek goddess. Grab a bendable stick and tie some gold and red leaves around it as your crown and be Demeter, goddess of the harvest.

Spa addict

No need to hide your vices on Halloween, especially if hitting up the spa is one of them. And why shouldnít you take advantage of the one night a year when itís socially acceptable to wear a mud mask, hair wrap and fuzzy slippers in public? Wrap yourself in a plush robe and let your date know heís required by All Saintsí Day law to give massages upon request.

Athlete or super fan

On this night of choose your own adventure, choose to be either a star athlete or a teamís craziest super fan. The first requires your best gym clothes and maybe a sweat band around the head for good measure. Being a super fan calls for at least a team jersey and bonus points if your wear a team hat and serious team colored face paint.

50 Shades of Grey

Whether youíve read the book or not, this is one of the instant Halloween costumes bound to elicit plenty of intellectual groans. Yay for bookish funny costumes! Pull every grey accessory and clothing article from your closet and find a way to wear as many as possible. Paint each finger a different shade and donít forget about grey eye makeup and silver jewelry. 

Target practice

A solid black shirt and pants is the best bottom layer for this one. Use three different colors of masking tape to create three concentric circles with a black circle in the middle. Congratulations, youíre a walking bullseye. Beware of flying arrows, chocolates and anything else all the Katniss Everdeens will be tempted to send soaring your way.

Halloween is a time let loose and transform yourself into someone or something completely unexpected. It may be hard to find time to sew something spectacular or paint your face to look like a nightmare incarnate, but donít let that stop you from getting into the spirit of looking a little nutty for one glorious night.

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