Jewelry gift ideas for the holidays

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From earrings to watches, there are hundreds of holiday ideas for jewelry gifts
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For special people on your list, here a jewelry gift ideas for the holidays

What better gift to receive -- or to give -- during the holidays than jewelry. But sometimes it's hard to know what kind of jewelry is right.  From gold jewelry to gemstone rings, here are some jewelry gift ideas that will make everyone's holidays brighter.

Dazzle her with diamonds

If love is the reason for your gift, what could be a better choice than a diamond? Make her holiday a day she'll never forget with a sparkling diamond necklace or tennis bracelet tucked into the toe of her Christmas stocking or wrapped around a crystal dreidel.  Or pop the question with a stunning diamond engagement ring hidden in a box of chocolates or at the bottom of a glass of fine champagne.

Give him jewelry a man will love to wear

Whether you choose a fine men's watch or a heavy, masculine bracelet in silver or modern brushed stainless, your guy will love receiving jewelry during the holidays.  When you're looking for jewelry gift ideas for men, start with a careful look at your husband or boyfriend's style. Is he an outdoorsy guy who's most at home in jeans, hiking boot and t-shirts? Choose a rugged multifunction watch or a simple titanium bracelet. If he's happier in suits, an elegant gold chain bracelet or a slim Scandinavian watch would be a better choice.

Semi-precious stones are an inexpensive but elegant choice

Semi-precious stones come in every color of the rainbow. Whether you select a birthstone or just a favorite color, the beautiful colors available in semi-precious stones give you lots of affordable choices when you're looking for jewelry gift ideas. Pale blue stones set in silver are a cool and modern choice, while deeper colors set in gold or copper offer a more traditional look. Consider a matching set with earrings and a necklace or a ring and bracelet for a special gift, especially if you pair them with a coordinating sweater or blouse.

Go for the gold -- or silver

Sometimes simple is best, and that is especially true when it comes to elegant gold jewelry or silver jewelry.  Handcrafted pieces in fine gold and silver coordinate with everything from jeans to evening gowns.  Drop earrings, delicate chain necklaces or dramatic cuff bracelets are all good choices for teens and young adults.  Grandmothers and other older adults might prefer smaller earrings, bangle bracelets and heavier chain necklaces.

Kids like jewelry, too

When it comes to jewelry gifts, don't forget the kids. Pint-sized bracelets, necklaces and rings are available at most jewelry and accessory stores. Consider watches or perhaps religious pendants for boys and girls. Babies shouldn't wear jewelry that could come off and present a choking hazard, so if you chose earrings or bracelets for infants, make sure they are on securely and never worn at nighttime.

No matter who you're shopping for, jewelry is a great choice

Spend some time browsing through jewelry stores or online jewelry sites. Think about the people you're buying for this holiday, and imagine which items would catch their eye.  If you shop for what they would love, you'll find that jewelry is a wonderful idea for everyone this holiday season.

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