Luxury Christmas stocking ideas for girls

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Girl excited on Christmas
Christmas is so exciting for children! Your little girl will squeal with delight when she sees the special little treats you have found just for her
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Make each little gift exciting to unwrap.

Do you want to treat your little girl extra special this Christmas? Of course you do! What better way to do so than to give her a Christmas stocking full of luxury items perfect to spoil and pamper her with. Your little girl will squeal with delight when she sees the lovely treats you have found just for her.


Of course, you will have to let Santa Claus take all of the credit, but you and I will know that you created this special Christmas stocking just for her! Here are some terrific luxury Christmas stocking ideas for girls that your little girl will love.

Presentation is Important

When creating a luxury Christmas stocking, part of the whole package is the presentation of the stocking itself. Get her a Christmas stocking that looks extra fancy. Perhaps a velvet Christmas stocking with lots of fringe on it or a pretty flowering silk that looks shimmery and shiny. Give her a Christmas stocking that looks luxurious and makes her feel like a princess come to life!

Gift Wrap Each Treat

Gift wrap each item in her Christmas stocking to make opening each treat even more exciting. Use pretty gift wrapping papers or use the scraps from gift wrapping the larger presents. Tie pretty bows on some of the packages to complete the look.

Hair Accessories and Bows

What little girl doesn't love pretty hair bows and accessories? Get her some hair bows and accessories that are luxurious and make her look like a glamour girl. Look for hair bows and accessories in pretty fabrics that are just a bit extra fancy. There are some hair accessories that have tiny accessory items on them to make them look special -- like charms and whatnot.


Every girl loves jewelry. Get her some everyday jewelry or a piece of jewelry for special occasions. A popular jewelry item is a pretty charm bracelet and start her off with several charms. What makes this one of the best luxury Christmas stocking ideas is that you can then add a new charm for each birthday or holiday. You could also get her some holiday jewelry such as a Christmas necklace or pin for her dress.

Doll Accessories

Many little girls love to play with a special doll. Accessories especially for her doll can be a great Christmas stocking gift. Find luxury items for her doll such as a special outfit just for the holidays or an evening gown that looks extra special.

Mink Stuffed Animals

If you really want to treat your little girl and spoil her with the feel of mink, look for mink stuffed animals. You can find them at most larger stores that sell mink coats and accessories. A popular mink stuffed animal is a teddy bear, but they also make other types of stuffed animals. They are very, very soft and, of course, furry!


While a large snowglobe certainly would not fit in your child's Christmas stocking, a mini snowglobe will. There are so many pretty snowglobes. Some feature pretend Christmas villages or even actual towns. Look through some of the larger catalogs to find some great snowglobes. They are magical and children just love them!

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