Scary Halloween stories you havenít heard before

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What could be better for Halloween night than a collection of really scary stories?
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Are you ready for some new and terrifying Halloween stories?

Halloween is the perfect time for scary stories, but it seems that the same tales are told over and over each year.  Are there other stories for telling on this spooky night?

Thanks to the internet, the answer is yes!  We went searching and came up with some great sites for scary Halloween stories.  From the creepy to the completely terrifying, here are a few of our best finds.

Halloween is has a good selection of short stories just perfect for telling around the fire or walking from house to house on Halloween night. Arachnophobes might want to skip "The Red Spot", but "The Guests" and "Something is Wrong" are sure to give you chills. Be sure to click on the links to view the other pages of stories...there are five in all.

Halloween ghost is another excellent site for scary Halloween stories.  Their mixture of urban legends, Halloween tales and weird stories provide something for everyone. The "Real Life Hauntings" section would be fun to read out loud in a candlelit room on Halloween -- just be prepared for the screams!

American Folklore .net  features a collection of truly scary and well written spooky stories.  "Black Aggie" and "Haunted Christmas" will have you shivering -- and staying indoors on dark nights.  There are dozens of stories here, so savor a few each night as you countdown to Halloween.

Halloween has a mixture of new and classic scary Halloween stories.  Don't miss "The Portrait of Theodosia Burr", a story that claims to be fact rather than fiction.

Check out local ghost stories 

Most areas of the country have ghost stories of their own.  Places like Massachusetts, known for witches and very old houses, are filled with real life scary stories.  Other "very haunted" states include Pennsylvania, Louisiana and New York.  Search for your state's stories online or in your local bookstore. Hearing haunting tales about places you know well makes them even scarier!

Go for the classics

Don't overlook classic ghost stories like the tales of Edgar Allen Poe, Mary Roberts Reinhardt or Wilke Collins.  These stories may be classic, but their truly terrifying content has stood the test of time.

Set the stage

Make the telling of your scary Halloween stories even more terrifying by setting the stage.  Candlelight, a full moon, or a dimly lit room in an old house are ideal for adding to the atmosphere -- and the spine tingling chills!

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