Thank you card ideas

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Thank you card
Thank you cards are a great way to show your gratitude
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Tips for a creative thank you note

Itís a blast planning a birthday party and sending out dozens of birthday invitation cards to your closest friends. Itís also a treat to celebrate an anniversary with your partner, and even better when you receive a loving anniversary cards from them. Whatís not so fun? Writing the thank you notes once all the fun is over. However, this is a courtesy that should not be forgotten; it is a respectful way to show your gratitude. Thank you notes are a must! Not sure where to start? Here are some thank you card ideas!

Help the environment
Are you worried that your thank you note will be boring or just another scrap of paper that someone throws in the trash? Change your attitude by sending out recycled greeting cards. These are made of recycled paper, which means they are not wasteful and no trees had to be cut down to make them. Are you passionate about the environment? In your thank you note, you can mention that the card is made of recycled paper and ask the reader to recycle it once they are done reading it to keep the cycle going. They will likely be pleased to do something good for the world!

Include a photo or video
Have you been brainstorming thank you card ideas bu feel like you donít have much to say? A picture is worth a thousand words, so consider including a photograph inside the card! This will make it more personal for the reader and gives them something worth keeping.

Did somebody give you a gift for your wedding? Include a snapshot of you and your new spouse dancing at the wedding or enjoying your honeymoon. Did someone give you birthday cash for a big purchase such as a car or computer? Include a photo of you with the new item. It will be very rewarding for the gift-giver to see how much you are benefiting from and enjoying their present to you.

If you are savvy with technology, you may also want to consider recording a short video thanking the gift-giver. You can burn the digital video onto a DVD and mail this along with the thank you card.

Get crafty
If you love arts and crafts, consider making a hand-made thank you card for a personal touch. Or, if you donít have as much time, buy somewhat plain thank you notes and then decorate them. You can add bows, glitter, rhinestones, drawings, and any other decorations you can think of. If you have children, they will love getting to participate.

Taking care of business
Donít just send thank you notes to friends and family members! Thank you cards can also be a great way to maintain strong business relationships. If you are a business owner, consider sending thank you notes to your clients, especially during the holidays. Just make sure to follow proper etiquette. Let them know that you appreciate their business, and they will certainly think of you even more favorably!

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