Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas

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Autumn themes beautify your holiday table.
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Centerpieces add a savory touch to the Thanksgiving feast.

Thanksgiving is the time to be thankful for family and friends and to appreciate the blessings we have received in our lives. It is also a time to reconnect with those we love by getting together and sharing traditional Thanksgiving fare! 

So...when its time to set the table with turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, consider accenting your fabulous meal with a  decorative Thanksgiving centerpiece. Decorating with a fall theme brings color and decor to the dining room table and brings a touch of finesse to the Thanksgiving feast.  

Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas traditionally represent the time of harvest, so decorate your table and fill your home with an abundance of autumn colors and decor. Decorating with gourds, pinecones, autumn leaves,
silk flowers, grapevines, and assorted nuts usher in the flavor of the season.

From simple to extravagant designs, you can also come up with Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas for any room in the house. Centerpieces are not only for the dining room table, but you can bring a touch of color to the fireplace mantle, coffee table, end table, or nightstand. Let the creative juices flow and design the perfect centerpiece for your taste and style with these simple ideas. 

Turkey and pilgrim characters - Simple and affordable, these centerpieces are typically cardboard characters with a fold around art tissue base that secures for an instant pop-up centerpiece. Whimsical and easy to assemble, you can place several around the house for an inexpensive and fun addition to your traditional Thanksgiving decor. Find other Thanksgiving party supplies, including printed cocktail napkins, clings and cutouts, to complete your theme.

Autumn leaves - whether you decide to use dried or silk leaves, the golds, reds, and yellows of autumn make a nice focal point. Scatter the leaves in a bowl or on a platter for the effect you are looking for. Place a gourd, ornamental pumpkin or small potted plant in the middle of the foliage for a unique fall look.

Bowl with assorted nuts or fruits - is a quick and easy way to accent any table. The best part is - most of these items are already in your pantry or kitchen. Place a scented candle in the middle of the bowl for a touch of sophistication and mood lighting.

Gourd, pinecone and pumpkin shaped candles - These candles not only enhance your Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas, but enhance your autumn decor. Some candles are scented so the aroma can be enjoyed throughout your home and holiday festivities. Place candles in a decorative leaf or floral candleholder for a finishing touch.

Pine cone and twig arrangement - an all-natural way to decorate. Twigs, grapevines, pinecones and other natural materials give your Thanksgiving a down home, earthy feel. Make your family and friends feel welcome as soon as they enter the room.

These five easy Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas are just a start to the many more ideas you can use to decorate your table and home for the holiday. Brighten your home with a colorful autumn theme and enjoy get togethers with family and friends.  

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