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Lovey dovey is the mood on Valentine's Day, especially when some imagination goes toward making the day special.
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A valentines plan makes for a day of ideas that are fun

A memorable Valentines Day that will thrill a lover requires little money. All it takes is a wild imagination. Let your creativity fly high. Think about doing otherwise routine activities with flair and color. Include the unexpected. And then watch to see your lover’s lips form the tight little circle that precedes the exclamation—wow! That’s the time to swoop in for a kiss.

A tomato-red pizza shaped like a heart and delivered by Paris Hilton might raise eyebrows—or hackles. A little sword play from Johnny Depp well might serve as foreplay for many couples. What are the Chippendales or the Pussycat Dolls doing that night?

If outrageously choreographed displays of affection are beyond the bounds of possibility, don’t worry. There are plenty of other Valentines day ideas sufficient to hike the heat on that special day.

What is the personality of your loved one?

Planning and executing the special valentines day ideas that will make a lover smile may take some doing. Chances are the partner who has everything—or doesn’t—will enjoy something that is outside the realm of sensible. Is the beloved a sports nut? 

Nowadays, men and women alike enjoy a wide variety of indoor sports and activities for outdoor enthusiasts. Most would like a gift that is a little more imaginative than thermal underwear.

Among your valentines day ideas you might arrange for attendance at a lesser known sporting event. Is there a roller derby team in your area? A front row perch to see the slam-bang action—followed by a pre-arranged visit backstage to meet the stars—certainly would be an out-of-the-ordinary extravagance. So too would a visit to the locker room of a hockey team or any ball team. The public relations person might help arrange this unusual request.

Another of your wilder valentines day ideas could be a visit to an archery club or a firing range. Or, read up on the latest travel and vacations information. Explore available bargains and ask around for recommendations about road trips, cruise ships or exciting destinations where romance is high on the menu. It’s the time spent side by side that may make your special memory.

How can you please someone who is studious?

It’s necessary to improvise when it comes to valentines day ideas that will please someone who is not adventurous or adept at physically challenging activities. Think about your loved one’s hobbies. Perhaps there is an interest in American history. How pleasing it would be if you arranged to visit Gettysburg, Pennsylvania? The Civil War battlefields, guided tours and patriotic memorials are downright inspirational.

Presentation is key to surprising a loved one with your best valentines day ideas. If you are going to go the historical tour route, you might consider gift wrapping some love letters and putting them into gift boxes. Then, place the little boxes into a couple of bigger, related gifts. Maybe it is time to present your beloved with some new travel bags or backpacks. Notes included.

What can you do to instill romance at home?

If you prefer some valentines day ideas that can be launched closer to home, the options are endless. Think about decorations for the bedroom or around that nice big couch in the den. Most households have some kind of red accoutrements—table clothes, bath towels, bedspreads, etc. Use a little imagination to decorate the items.

All that’s needed is to turn some artsy-craftsy valentines day ideas into reality is a pair of scissors and some tape. Consider indulging in some paper crafts and fabricating your own hearts or cupids. The decorations can be applied with double-sided tape to any of the red items you already own. The decorations easily can be removed after the holiday but they will make quite an impression.

What kind of luxuries would your beloved enjoy?

When money is not a limiting factor, go all out in conjuring up some valentines day ideas that will materialize in unexpected luxuries. Think of something that might remind your beloved of you—all year long. Is your loved one an accomplished cook? Consider a subscription to an avocado-of-the-month club or a fruit club. It’s a sure bet that opening a box of tasty treats each month—no matter the season—will fire up romance throughout the year.

If your significant other is the meat-and-potatoes type, there are a million choices for taste-tempting valentines day ideas. Today’s technology enables the transport of many kinds of mail-order delicacies. Think about arranging for a shipment of steaks, live lobsters or juicy citrus fresh from the groves of Florida. Guaranteed is one sweet Valentine’s Day.

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