Wild Valentines Day party themes

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An intimate party for two or a fun-filled party for a crowd can be made extra special with a little imagination.
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A Valentines theme for the day can bring the jungle to the party

A barrel of monkeys could be lots of fun. A set of love birds would cause quite a stir. A dozen pairs of kissing fish might suffice as unusual door prizes but there are ways to go wild without bringing the tropical rain forest into your nice, dry home.

Valentines Day party themes are easy to concoct. And there’s no need to rent a costly facility to secure an appropriate space. You can throw a bash at home. It can be a party for a crowd of friends—or a very private Valentines Day party for two. Perhaps it’s time for a Valentines Day party in costume: Tarzan and Jane, Romeo and Juliet, Tina Turner and Mick Jagger—very wild indeed.

Home based parties rule

A party held at home is easy to plan. Take a quick survey of things you have at home that lend color, texture or atmosphere. A Valentines Day party traditionally is colored red and white. Think in color. Consider wearing that day apparel in shades of red with accents of white—or, vice versa. Perhaps serve some luscious chocolate strawberries. It is easy to add a few home decorating accents with a Valentine's Day theme.

What can you use to make some interesting decorations? Pin or tape some white paper hearts upon a red backing to use as a tablecloth. Cover with clear plastic. Make a red swag over a doorway using a red silk bed sheet edged with white paper-doily hearts. Tie back the swag with red and white ribbons or bows. Many useful things can be found at home.

• Red and white construction paper
• White paper doilies
• Red, white, or silver tea candles
• Red cotton or silk bed sheets
• Red and white artificial flowers
• Red and white ribbon or bows
• Crepe paper for streamers

Show them the path with fun faux footprints

One of the fun ways to direct a group of friends—or your lover—to your party is to make paper heart shapes and use them like footprints. This is a Valentines Day party idea that is out of the ordinary—and lends a sense of mystery to following the trail.

The completed faux footprints can be placed on the floor or along a hallway or up a sidewalk leading to your front door. They are easy to make from basic crafts supplies and can be removed in a flash when you are finished with your valentines day party festivities.

Instructions: Fold in half a stack of red paper. Cut along the centerfold a shape resembling half-a-heart. When unfolded, the shape resembles a complete heart. Attractive detailing can be added with special scrapbooking scissors that make a decorative edge—scalloped, zigzagged, waved or fringed. Place hearts along the walkway, in a footsteps pattern.

Use red in baking and cooking

Don’t be afraid to experiment with food colorings as the date of your valentines day party draws near. Experts at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) offer a multitude of facts about food colorings and additives. Those used in making home-cooked dishes and bakery appear more colorful and appetizing are considered safe.

In fact, many colors are certified. In manufactured goodies, the specific color oftentimes is listed among ingredients as a heads-up to anyone with food sensitivities. Valentines day parties cry out for use of red food coloring. Consider what you like to cook or bake. Perhaps invest in some kitchen wares such as heart-shaped cake pans or cookie cutters resembling hearts or cupids.

Red food coloring can be used in imaginative ways. Save time by preparing well ahead some of the desserts and appetizers you will serve at your valentines day party. Red food coloring can be used to brighten white cake mix and frosting. Use some red to make red mashed potatoes. Do a little experimenting ahead of time to see what will work best when it’s time for your valentines day party.

Put some party pizzaz in the bedroom

Red construction paper, red crepe paper or red tissue paper is perfect for making fake rose petals. A cascade of petals tossed upon a bed beautifully dressed in white and red sheets and pillowcases is sure to make for a romantic setting.

Making the fake rose petals is easy. Cut petal shapes from several layers of paper and curl the wide edge of each loosened petal with the side of the blade of the scissors. Scatter and wait for the reaction. Don’t be surprised if yours is the best-ever Valentines Day party. It’s sure to earn you rave reviews—and probably a kiss, plus one wild night.

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