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You don't have to sacrifice luxury to be green
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Add eco friendly features with these easy tips in your bathroom remodel

If the kitchen is the heart of every home, the bathrooms are no doubt the lungs. Today, people are working harder than ever, which means they need a place to relax more than ever. Unfortunately, regular people don't have the time or the funds to make a weekly trip to the spa. Bathroom remodel tips can help you create your own personal eco friendly spa getaway in your home.

Renovating any room in your home can be a stressful ordeal, but with the right bathroom remodel tips, you can ensure that you're satisfied with the finished product. From the lighting to the flooring, environmentally friendly bathroom remodel tips can help you add value to your home while decreasing your electricity and water consumption

Before you start your eco friendly bathroom renovation, it's important to choose the right contractors. Use a company that specializes in eco friendly construction so you can be sure that they are used to working with green products. With these eco friendly bathroom remodel tips, you can create a green oasis that lowers your overall energy costs:

- Since the start of the green movement, manufacturers have begun creating unique flooring made from recycled materials. Consider using recycled glass tiles for your shower and recycled glass counter tops. These unique designs come in a variety of colors and are an attractive, easy way to keep your bathroom remodel green.

- If you want wooden floors in your bathroom, but are concerned about it being environmentally sound, choose bamboo flooring. Bamboo grows quickly and is easy to replace once it is harvested, which makes it a very eco friendly flooring option. Since it is naturally mildew and mold resistant, it is an ideal flooring option for high moisture areas such as your bathroom.

- The bathroom is the place where we waste the most water, not just because we're being wasteful, but because our faucets give us more water than we need. When shopping for your new toilet, only consider models that use less than 1.3 gallons per flush. Pick out a new low flow sink faucet and shower heads. These modern faucets can save up to 40% more water than your old fixtures.

- Natural lighting is the most eco friendly lighting of all, so if you are doing a complete bathroom remodel, see if it is in your budget to add a window or skylight. If that is not possible, be sure that all bulbs in your bathroom have been replaced with LED or compact fluorescent lights to conserve electricity.

- Use paints with low toxicity levels such as soy-based or VOC water based paints. Many mainstream paint manufacturers are offering non-toxic, low fume options that help conserve the air quality of your home.

- Just like your floors, bamboo is a great, sustainable option for your vanity. There are also wall mounted vanities available that have been made from recycled plastics and glass.

These great bathroom remodel tips are sure to save on your energy bill and give you the green getaway you've always wanted.

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