How to design a cigar room

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Know how to design a cigar room that is less odiferous and more stylish

An important aspect of any plan detailing how to design a cigar room is ventilation. The cigar room should be as air tight as possible so the smells are contained within, while providing ventilation so the smoke will go outside.

Choosing a Location

Many people decide to place the cigar room in a building outside the main home structure. This aids in privacy as well as helps keep the cigar smoke out of your home. If an outside building (or a room over the garage) is not possible, you may choose a room in your home that does not have too much foot traffic, such as the basement or a library.


What is a cigar room design without humidors? Cigar humidors and humidor accessories come in all shapes, types and sizes. Walk-in humidors are a dream for many cigar lovers. The cigar room would be the perfect spot for a walk-in humidor.


As you are considering how to design a cigar room, think about a plan for ventilation. Some people say a simple fan system is sufficient. However, if you plan to spend much time in this room - with friends who are also smoking - you may need a more elaborate ventilation system. See the resources below ("Building a Cigar Room") for instructions on how to create a cigar room with a  ventilation system. You may also find an air purifier and odorless ashtrays to be beneficial.


Choose furniture and accessories that fit your style. It is not written in stone that the "man cave" must have masculine furnishings such as big leather chairs and heavy wooden tables, even though that is the most common decor. Perhaps authentic wine barrel furniture is more appropriate. Use your imagination to make purchases or simply use whatever you have available - you can always change it later as the room's character grows.

Do consider furniture with fabric that does not absorb odors and can withstand heavy usage. If you are a wine and cigar enthusiast, you may want to add a mini wine refrigerator. Other items you may choose are a TV, stereo, occasional chairs, lamps, game tables or sconces and rugs.


Oftentimes, the decor of a room is suggested by one favorite piece. For example, you may have one special painting that you are planning to hang in the cigar room. Build your decorating scheme around the colors and theme within the painting. A common theme for how to design a cigar roo m is... cigar art!

Other popular themes include: sports memorabilia, wooden Indian, tavern decor, a sophisticated lounge style and wine-related decor.

How to Design a Cigar Room

Now that you know how to design a cigar room, all that remains is to put your plan into action and get to work turning your dream into reality.


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