Decorate a home office in style

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Take care of business in a stylish home office
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Here are a few style tips to use to decorate your home office

Working a nine to five is no longer the norm for many people who have opted to make a living from the comfort of their homes.  

Even though your home office is a source for inspiration and motivation, it should not be boring! 

To decorate a home office in style, use your own imagination and personal taste to create an environment that is not only conducive to working, but stylish as well.   

A home office is perfect for those who: 

- telecommute

- operate a home-based business

- need a room to occasionally take care of work 

Regardless of your reason, be sure to set-up your home office in a way that is functional, flexible and allows your creative juices to flow.   

Creativity is key when decorating a home office in style.  Consider the following when decorating your home office.

1. Layout Step back and take a good look at the room slated for your home office.  Determine where you want your desk and other essentials like the fax, printer and file cabinets.  

If you have a window, will the light create a glare on your computer screen or will the outdoors be a source of distraction while you work?  Analyze your options and set up your furniture accordingly. 

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