Choosing decorative house numbers

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house in background with mailbox and address sign
An attractive and well placed address plaque is a decorative accent that enhances the appearance of any home.
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Add to the ambiance with decorative and stylish house numbers.

The emotional bonds between homeowners and their houses tend to make the abodes places where beautiful and decorative touches abound. A white lattice grape arbor makes a nostalgic frame for a country cottage. A bright yellow door lends sunshine to a seaside condo. Polished aluminum accents reinforce the industrial atmosphere of a home that is ultra modern. It is personal preferences that prevail when choosing a home's finishing touches—accessories such as mailboxes, lamp posts and decorative house numbers.

Who began the practice of home decorating?

Did some wild-haired cave woman strip away the flowers from the stem of an edible plant and notice the fallen blooms looked rather pretty when mounded into a colorful pile? Did she construct a mound of blossoms at each side of the craggy entrance to her cave? Perhaps that move distinguished her family's cave from that of her neighbors. And maybe her action motivated the surrounding cave-owners to build even higher mounds of flowers and incorporate blooms of many colors. The scenario could have led to the original instance of keeping up with the Joneses.

What are the décor choices available to homeowners?

Evidence escapes us when it comes to humanity's first efforts at home decorating but one thing is for sure: there are décor choices to please every personality—and every family's budget. Lighting fixtures can be discreetly built into the ceiling or be a boisterous focal point on the walls. Materials for countertops range from recycled marble chips to slabs of luxurious granite. Chairs made of mahogany and maples have a place depending on the likes and dislikes of homeowners.

Tastes vary widely when it comes to colors and textures and building materials but most folks agree that decorating duties rarely stop at the front door. Any home improvement project takes time and planning. Sometimes, making a final selection from a stylish collection of address plaques signals the long-awaited completion of a home-decorating adventure. httpstore.mailboxes.info/cast-aluminum-address-plaques.html

Choosing decorative house numbers is a task many homeowners enjoy. Somehow, the installation of house numbers or a distinctive address plaque seems to be a ritual that finalizes every previous procedure. The range of available colors and textures in plaques and number styles is astounding. The mood of one's home frequently is enhanced further by adding a lamp post or a custom mailbox.

What are some safety and common-sense considerations?

Outdoor accessories to the home need to blend well with the rest of the house for the home to be displayed at its best. Address plaques in colors too close to that of the house color may appear insignificant. Contrasting colors or metallic surfaces make address plaques more noticeable. In addition, there are some safety concerns to be considered when choosing address numerals. Some outdoor lighting can be added to ensure that fire fighters or medics can quickly find the house. The size of the numbers on plaques and the location of the address plaques also are important considerations.

• Can the plaque be seen from the far side of the street?
• Will the plaque be obstructed by flowers or foliage?
• Can emergency responders see the address clearly?
• Are the numbers large enough for elderly visitors to see?
• Will the construction materials fade, peel or tarnish?
• Is the address plaque mounted above the snow line?
• Should be plaque be backlit for better visibility?

What are some alternatives to wall-mounted address plaques?

Rural homes that are set back some distance from the road often need an alternative method of signage when it comes to the preferred placement of a plaque denoting the home's address. Whereas many address plaques are placed onto the exterior wall of the house—next to the front door—there are times when that method is ineffective and a second sign at another location is needed.

Common cures for distance problems include installation of an address post. A tall, narrow post that is erected next to the road or at the entrance to a long driveway is useful for homes set too far back from the road for a wall-mounted plaque to be visible. Another alternative is a structure resembling a thick column of rock whose apex supports an address plaque.

The column project can be made from real stone and mortar handcrafted by the homeowners or a local contractor. Nowadays, however, many homeowners prefer to purchase ready-made decorative columns manufactured of artificial cast stone—a realistic look-alike made of resins that will not disintegrate in harsh weather conditions. Home may be where the heart resides but without an adequate address marker that is easy to read, yours may be a home with few visitors—and no deliveries.

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