Home remodel ideas for the kitchen

By David Pettebone
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There are lots of things to consider when reviewing ideas for a kitchen home remodel
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Think about your kitchen home remodel ideas

The first thing you should do is think about whether you should use a remodeling consultant to firm up your home remodel ideas. The decision of whether or not to use a remodeling consultant is one that comes with pros and cons depending on your own expertise and confidence for planning and executing a kitchen remodel job.

There are several ways in which you can determine whether or not a professional remodeler is right for you. Have you executed any home remodel ideas before? Do you understand the construction process? Do you have connections in the business; i.e., who can get you good deals on supplies and labor? If not, a qualified home remodeler surely has and does. In fact, sometimes the money you spend on consulting services can be made up, at least partially, in the wholesale savings for materials that some consultants may be able to pass on to you. Ask before you hire him or her if this is something that is feasible.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to hire a consultant comes down to personal choice and comfort level. Do you think that managing a home remodel is something you're comfortable with? If not, perhaps it makes sense to at least give a professional a call. Many offer free consultations, and one appointment could be all it takes for you to be able to make an informed decision. A kitchens is probably the most important part of a home and a good design ensures convenience and ease. (The bathroom is next on the list!) An inconvenient or a small-unplanned kitchen can be a real problem. Also apart from the convenience and functional aspects of the kitchen and the bathroom, a good design is pleasing to the eye and brings continuity and harmony to the place. There are different styles, types and themes in which you can design and do up your kitchen and bathrooms. Make sure you select a style that captures your mind and best compliment functionality and handiness. Following are some of the design variants you could use, to design your dream kitchen - 1. Victorian design 2. Gothic designs 3. Italianate designs 4. Contemporary interiors 5. Blend of patterns, materials, fixtures, designs and textures

While the first 3 have fixed characteristics, the other two give you the opportunity to use your creativity. Whatever your home remodel ideas are, when you redesign your kitchen, you will have to t consider the cabinets, pantry, shelf, fitting varieties etc. The right color combinations, materials according to suitability to the environment, lighting etc. Space planning is very important during kitchen design, because if you are not a very organized person, it is possible that you will make a mess out of a small spaced kitchen. If you do it right, your kitchen will be a beautifully designed space where you can cook, entertain and spend quality time not only with family and friends, but also with yourself.

If you just want a new look to your kitchen, think about refacing or replacing your current cabinets. You can dramatically improve the look of your kitchen - without the mess, expense or hassle of a major renovation. To find a company in your area that has the services and styles you want, simply go online or visit one of your local large home stores (such as Home Depot). They have departments that specialize in this. Also, if you're a handy (even not so handy) do-it-yourselfer, you can really cut down on costs. If you're going for a trendy, contemporary look, browse through the really neat new cabinet and drawer pulls that are available today at surprisingly low prices. You can also view them online at several sites.

Before you tackle any of your home remodel ideas, think about what end result you want. Just don't think that if want a new look you have to tear down the walls. Look through the different design books to see if you can achieve that look without going through a major teardown. If a teardown and start over is required, lineup a good contractor and get references. Settle on the design, appliances, etc. When selecting new appliances, be sure to get those that are energy efficient (look for the Energy Star symbol); some are eligible for a tax break from the IRS.

Review the contract with your contractor. If you change your mind mid project your expenses will increase considerable. You set the rules. Be forewarned: remodeling projects often take much longer than expected.

As with any of your home remodel ideas that you are undertaking, make sure everyone agrees on the work that will be completed and how long it will take. Also be clear on the types of materials that will - and will not - be used. Do not pay for the job upfront. Find out what's standard in your community. A deposit, definitely, and then a pay as you go schedule is common. Make certain that you are not liable for any subcontractor payments if you are working with a general contractor who is supposed to pay them. Get everything, down to smallest details, in writing. Find out if a building permit is required (one usually is); if so, will your contractor get it and arrange for final inspection? This is important because you can end up with an open permit on your house and that will create a problem if you decide to sell your home.

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