How to decorate a man cave

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man cave
Give your man a wonderful space all his own
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Learn how to decorate a man cave and create the space your guy will love

It's probably our fault. I mean us women. We got so caught up in our love of shabby chic furniture and Pinterest-inspired holiday home decor -- and before we knew it, the whole house was way more us than him. 

We banished the giant speakers and the sports posters, the beer signs and the worn-out recliner in the name of style (and to be fair, the house does look great!)  But what about the things that the men loved? 

Enter the man cave

A decade or so ago, the idea of a man cave was born. A room where a guy can kick back in his old chair or comfy couch and watch a game or a movie his way. A place where nothing is off limits for the walls, from college frat paddles to team posters. 

And now, you have the room. Finally. But the walls are bare, and except for a couple of old pictures, there's not much to hang, either. 

If you're ready to build a guy space for the man you love, here are some ideas for how to decorate a man cave. 

Start with what he likes

A man cave isn't a place for cute. Or trendy But it is a place to celebrate everything a guy likes. If he's a sports fan, look for accessories and decorations from his favorite hockey team, football team or whichever sports he loves most. 

If he prefers to watch films, decorate the space with posters from his favorite movies, film prop replicas, or movie theatre accessories. 

For the proudly geeky guys, look for science fiction characters or space posters or science gadgets. 

If your guy is a big reader, a classic gentleman's library might be the perfect man cave. Think dark wood, aged leather, warm colors and oversized furniture. 

And what if he's a little of all that and more? There's no reason his space has to express only one side of his personality. Mix sports with sci fi, electronics with vintage books. If it's who he is, it works! 

Think comfort

A man cave is no place for stylish funiture that is uncomfortable or fragile. And forget surfaces that need special care. Think casual. Relaxing. Man-sized chairs and couches big enough for stretching out. Coffee tables that can handle someone putting their feet up or a soda down. 

Skip the white carpet and adorable little lamps. Opt for engineered hardwood or laminate floors or sturdy, stain-resistant carpet. Keep lighting simple (recessed lighting is a good choice). 

Things that go beep

If you're planning how to decorate a man cave and you haven't thought about electronics, you're probably missing an important piece. Most men would love a giant sized TV and surround sound theatre speakers, whether it's to catch the game, watch a movie or just enjoy their favorite television shows. 

If he's a music lover, a really good sound system is another must. Don't worry if the room isn't large. Big speakers can work in a man cave, but so can today's powerful but compact bookshelf speakers.  Add a CD player, a turntable for vintage vinyl and an Mp3 dock, and he'll be set. 

Add some special touches

It might be a signed collectible poster from his favorite ball player. A vintage tin advertising sign from a hometown brand. Or a first edition of a book he loves. Think of something that really says who he is, what he values. Look for something he would love, but probably wouldn't buy for himself. 

Hang it on the wall, put it on the bookshelf or give it a place of honor on a table. 

Finally, the things you banished (or wanted to)

You know what I mean. The light-up beer sign. The duct-tape patched recliner. The old trophies or his action figure collection

What ever it is, make sure your decorating plans include a designated space for those things, too. After all, this is his man cave. And that mean all his favorite things finally have a space in the house where they really do belong!

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