How to spend time with a girl

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Relationship skills grow with practice
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Knowing how to spend time with a girl is part of dating and relationship skills

So you have found a woman that you want to be around as much as possible. That age old question has occurred to you: You need figure out how to spend time with a girl. 

The question is not actually as complex as it may seem. For the most part a girl wants to spend time doing the same kind of things that you want to do. There is of course a few rules you should adhere to when spending that time but knowing how to spend time with a girl is as simple as knowing how to spend time with anyone you like.

The real question is whether you want to approach the time as a romantic date or as two buddies who just enjoy each other's company.

The Perfect Date

The most popular way to spend some time with that special lady is by having a meal together. There are a couple of different approaches you can take with even something like this.

The first position is to take her to a great romantic restaurant where you can peer into each other's eyes over candle light. Of course, dates never really work out that way, but great food and great company can make one heck of a fun evening. The digital age means that people are able to scout out the best restaurants so that you aren't caught unaware by less than awesome service or food. Urbanspoon or Yelp are just two of the sites that will allow you to do some digging before deciding on a restaurant.

Cooking a meal can be just as good a way to spend time with her as going out on the town. There is even a more relaxed atmosphere surrounding cooking at home. There isn't a need to show off and you can settle down on the couch and watch a movie while you eat. Of course you should make sure you have the best accessories when you are cooking, you don't want to be trying to show her you can whip something special up and not have the right tools.

At The Movies

Having a meal is one way to spend some quality time together, but having some fun watching a great movie is another way to while away the time. You can either hit a theater where you will be able to pop for wonderful warm popcorn, or you can settle down on the couch and rent a movie or watch the a movie from your collection of your favorite flicks you purchased.

Quite a few of the newest theaters have started offering full dinners and alcoholic beverages to go along with the movies. This means (assuming you're of age) you can combine a movie with dinner at the same place while swigging down a cool refreshing beer or a nice glass of wine.

Spending Time Without Spending Money

There are people who will claim you need to spend the big bucks in order to impress that special lady but there are plenty of ways to spend time without opening your wallet. If the weather is nice you can always just go to a local park and take in the scenery. Walking and talking is often just as enjoyable as having to spend a ton of money on food, drink or entertainment.

You can even find a way to spend some athletic time with her, such as going to the gym or playing a game of tennis or going jogging. If you would rather watch than participate, consider tickets to a professional game. You can even stop by the neighborhood athletic field and watch local teams, like your favorite bar's softball team, play a game or two.

The main thing you must keep in mind when you are trying to figure what to do is to make sure she has some say in how you do it. 

Don't ever go off and make plans without making sure those plans include things she'd like to do. There's no better way to make sure you won't be spending any more time with her than planning something only you like to do.  Make the plans a team effort and things will go swimmingly.

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