Installing radiant floor heat

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Cozy toes are part of the guarantee when radiant floor heat is installed
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The installing of radiant elements for floor heat is a first step to luxury

Warm your tootsies by walking across the floor? Today, installing radiant floor heat is within most folks’ reach, thanks to economical products that make it easy to have a special touch of warmth in any room of the house. 

The expert, or handy person, who is tackling the job will research the property’s condition, age of the electrical wiring or hot-water heating unit and the type of floor—tile, cement, wood, etc. No two spaces are alike. Therefore, when installing radiant floor heat, there are considerations to be made. 

Small projects like a bathroom make-over are relatively easy to do. New home constructions should include the installation of radiant floor heat during the building process, for radiant heating entails laying down a grid of electric wiring—or plastic tubing later to be filled with hot water. The installation often is topped with poured concrete, so it is easiest to do while the home is being built. Installing radiant floor heat in an older home can be done with carpet-like grids that come in small, medium or large squares or rectangles. 

The choices offer a homeowner just enough of the product to satisfy the room’s space requirements. This kind of under-floor radiant heat system is economical to operate and the temperature can be controlled. It’s like having a warm blanket under your floor.

Do it yourself with the right tile tools

Anyone installing radiant floor heat or a new shower or other home updates likely will acquire some tools that make the job easy. A whole array of easy-to-handle tile saws, tile cutters and grout-sealing tools exists to answer the home-into-castle challenge.

After installing radiant floor heat, new tile or floor covering often is applied. There is another especially helpful product for making sure tile floors are level, thus eliminating the need to lift some newly laid tiles and apply additional filling beneath the tile in order to raise it up a hair, or more. 

The spacing of floor tiles and the leveling of the floor is ensured with the floor leveling systems available today. A well engineered floor leveling system is one modern convenience that eliminates call-backs to the contractor—or the lucky head of household who is installing radiant floor heat or other cozy touches.

Add some accessories to the warmth

Renovations in the bathroom, or elsewhere, are seldom made so that just one thing is changed. Installing radiant floor heat sometimes calls for removal of fixtures such as the sink and its adjacent cupboards, the toilet, radiators or remnants of the heating system being replaced.

 If installing radiant floor heat is on the agenda, it might be a good time to decide on new towel bars, toothbrush holders, lighting fixtures and perhaps a new, more modern mirror to reflect your success. You’ll soon be comfy and warm. 

And if you later decide to explore the subject of how to wear a sweater, the knowledge will be used for a gala night out on the town—not a frosty interlude in a cold house..

Consider the costs and compare

A recent feature in The Washington Post noted the ambiance of heat that starts with the feet and warms the whole room. The report confirmed that installing radiant floor heat is best done while the home is under construction. Floors are laden with plastic tubing that eventually will carry hot water or electrical cables that will ensure an even heat wherever installed. In new constructions, the cables or tubes are laid down and then cement is poured to complete the floor. 

No drafts and no cold spots are a couple perks mentioned in the Washington Post’s report on radiant heating. Nevertheless, products abound that make any home a likely candidate for radiant floor heating. As with any plan, a homeowner should do much research before a new construction or the renovation of an older home.

Go green and clean with natural products

Once you’ve decided installing radiant floor heat is the way you want to go in accomplishing a bathroom renovation, or updating any area of a property, think about maintenance. Radiant floor heat is based on electrical wiring whose wrappings and connections are the most advanced components available today. 

And there are plenty of natural cleaning products to take care of that new tile floor or carpet laid over top. Cleaners based on citrus and non-abrasive materials will keep the like-new look for years to come.

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