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The best and brightest of party lighting for your home make a festive statement

The time is near for your next, great party; the holidays are fast approaching, folks. You need some ambiance to go with the mounds of food, barrels of wine, and woefully lacking interior decoration. How about some epic party lighting for your home?

And why just pick something up for the holidays? Let's take a look below at some permanent -- and not so permanent -- potential fixtures for the place you call home.

Rope Lights

Also known as tube light, lite rope, and flexible impact lights, rope lights have taken the industry by storm. Best in homes, restaurants, outdoor decks, stairwells, and beyond, rope lights can offer a soft and relaxing overall vibe to your abode.

LED rope lights consume 90 percent less energy than their incandescent bulb counterparts; as well, the LED variety of bulbs will last almost three times longer than incandescent bulbs. One can use rope lights to bring a gorgeous, yet refined character to their deck, backyard, and more.

These lights will be for gatherings of close friends and family, with good food, a relaxed atmosphere, wine, and great company to boot.

LED Neon Rope Lights

A slightly louder variety of light, neon rope lights are perfect for parties, raves, and Grandma's 90th birthday (just joking!). Seriously, they add a splash of intoxicating color to the proceedings and will help patrons to get into the party mood right quick.  

Holiday Lights

Many of us equate parties with the holidays (holidays = one long, drawn out party) and this year is no different. Holiday lights can be strung on the exterior of houses and around Christmas trees indoors, providing a warm glow for house guests.

Family and friend will gather around there areas, drink in hand, laughter afoot, good cheer, and spirit permeating the area. These lights offer a feeling of warmth and joy and help to turn any event into something even more.

Fun Lights

Items like:

  • Drink String Lights
  • Brand Name String Lights
  • Movie Theme String Lights
  • Novelty String Lights
  • Sports String Lights
  • Wild West String Lights, and more!

These items can be fun little additions to any household and provide a festive atmosphere for guests.


Depending upon which project in which you partake, you may need a variety of different accessories, such as:

  • Controllers
  • Surge Protectors and Outlets
  • Tools and Spools
  • Power Supplies and Adapters

These accessories will allow for a safer, more efficient environment for your shindig. Dimmers, timers, surge protectors, and beyond, will allow for an even more beautiful setting.

Starting your Project

Depending upon how much time, effort, and money you are planning to invest, as well as if your project will become a permanent fixture in your house or just a passing fancy for the get together, you can find a resources page online that will cover all your light needs.

Find a catalog -- one can request it through the mail or download a PDF version -- of all a company's products. There's a gallery of current light projects their customers have accomplished with their homes, apartments, and businesses.

These photos give you some visual clues as to how each project/light/array might look in the interior/exterior of your own house. There are an assortment of projects to choose -- all including rope lights -- in restaurants, theaters, patios, porches, pools, clubs, cabinets, and more.

For proper installation of  party lighting for your home, most manufacturers and suppliers provide instructions, FAQs, and product videos for their assortment of store items. Check a resources page to learn more when it comes to the best installation practices. So, go out and brighten up that drab space. Both you and your guests will thank you for it. If you can remember the party the next morning!


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