Ways to design your bedroom

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A nice bedding set is a good way to start
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Here is a list of ways to design your bedroom for a calm and comfortable space

When you want to give your bedroom a new look there are a number of different ways you can make decor a change. Some people feel like they need to start from the ground up and completely put the room together in an entirely new way. Other people feel like they just need to give the room a little bit of sprucing up.

There are literally dozens of different ways to design your bedroom but the most important thing to remember is that the way that you design that room should be at least loosely tied to how the rest of the house or apartment is decorated.

If you are going to go with a full room design you are going to need to decide on the kind of style you want first.

Retro is still one of the styles that people have a great deal of love for because it reminds them of a simpler time and down-home comforts. Select a traditional handmade quilt that you love and be inspired by the color scheme to decorate. You can attempt to go with an entire look for your room for something straight out of the 1950's or 1960's or you can simply add a piece here or there that will tie the room together and give it a little more retro panache.

One excellent way to design your bedroom is to find a way to make the room something more than just a place where you go to sleep. If you have enough room, you can add furniture and other touches to make the room feel more like a little refuge inside your home.

If you have a huge budget and the ability to do so, there isn't anything quite as cool as having an actual fireplace in your bedroom. You can even go with an indoor fireplace that runs on gas or electricity and gives off heat but doesn't actually burn like wood or paper. This kind of a fireplace doesn't require a chimney so it can be inserted into any room.

Another way to give your room more of a feel of a sitting room/bedroom is to put other furniture in there like a small couch or a couple of arm chairs. If you can go with a faux fireplace and some chairs then you really can get a sitting room kind of feel for you design. If you really want to have a little reading nook or something like that you can get a really good chair and an ottoman so that you can lean back and relax while reading, without laying in bed. There are all kinds of different furniture choices you can go with depending on your own personal style.

Of course, sometimes a new design really is just as simple as going with a new bed set or a really nice new set of curtains. A new set of curtains or roman shades can really change the way your room looks, as long as you have a window or a door that really stands out. Get some Roman shades and do the rest of the design of your room around that look. You can even go really retro and actually give your room a classic feel with a formal valance and drapes.

Of course you will also need to find a way to give the rest of your home that same kind of look and feel or you will be clashing badly. In the end, it all comes down to how much you want to redesign and what your particular style can dictate. If you just want your bed to look different, you can change it up in a blink with some new bedding.

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