What are drafty window solutions

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Drafty windows make a home uncomfortable and expensive
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What are drafty window solutions? Try curtains, weather sealing, and shrink wrap

Drafty windows, paired with rising heating costs, can become a nightmare for renters and home owners alike.  When the cold, the ice and snow, the chilling winds of winter simply can't be avoided, you need a plan for weathering the season.  Even if you can't afford to install brand new windows, there are plenty of answers to what are drafty window solutions that meet different needs and different budgets.  If drafty windows have become a topic of concern in your home, take the time to read these simple tips.

Weather the Winter With These Drafty Window Solutions:

1.  Drapes and Heavy Curtains:

Drapes and curtains are probably the most common method for reducing window drafts. Particularly in the winter month, heavy curtain fabrics, or layered drapes can help to hold in the heat.  Drapes and curtains come in countless colors, shapes and styles, making it easy to match their designs to home décor.  However, the downside of heavy curtains is that they block out sunlight.  Elegant drapes and curtains also tend to be more costly than shrink wrap film or rubber weather sealing.

2.  Rubber Weather Sealing

In addition to window shrink wrap film, nearly any hardware store will sell rubber weather sealing to help you seal the gaps in any drafty old window frames.  Simply cut strips of the self-adhesive weather sealing, the peel and stick to cover cracks, gaps, or even rattly edges of window panes.  While cheap and certainly effective, rubber weather sealing may not be the most visually appealing of drafty window solutions.  One additional downside is the fact that these rubber strips can damage paint and leave a sticky residue.

3.  Insulation Kits: 

Most hardware and home improvement stores will sell window insulation kits that contain plastic shrink wrap film.  This film is applied to the interior of window frames, using double stick tape that is typically included in the kit.  Next, the edges of the film should be heated with a hairdryer to achieve the tight shrink wrap effect that will serve to keep out the cold.  Window shrink wrap is an easy, cheap and effective method for sealing drafty windows, however the film does give windows a cloudy appearance and may be visually displeasing to some home owners.

4.  Cellular Shades:

While conventional drapes and curtains tend to block out sunlight, cellular shades are made of a more transparent material that lets sunlight through the windows.  Cellular shades also have a layer of air between pockets of fabric that adds insulation value. Although cellular shades can be expensive, they can also be custom-fitted to drafty windows and doors.  

5.  Door Snakes / Draft Snakes:

Draft snakes are fabric tubes filled with sand, dried rice, sawdust, or other heavy stuffing that can be placed at the foot of a door, or along a window sill to prevent cold air from seeping in. Draft snakes are easy do-it-yourself craft projects.  On the upside, door snakes are cheap, effective and easy to make yourself.  On the downside, they only serve to insulate the sill of a window and not the glass or frame itself.  

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