What to know about buying furniture online

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Be a savvy shopper with what you know about buying furniture online

At some time in your life, youíll probably need to buy furniture. Sure, the pieces you can scrounge from relatives are great and they will last for a while. But over time, those pieces will need to be replaced as they wear out.

Today there are many options for purchasing new furniture, including buying it online. Before you point and click your way to new furniture, there are some points to consider. Read on for a better online experience.

Read all about it

Retailers and manufacturers put reviews online for a reason. It lets other potential buyers get a good idea about the sofa, dresser or table before deciding to purchase it. Read these reviews to learn how the piece has worked for someone else and whether or not they think it was a good deal.

If the site doesnít offer reviews, type the maker, model and model number into a search engine. If there are no reviews, be wary.


A picture can only tell you so much about an item. Since you donít have the luxury of touching the product before you purchase, many retailers offer great descriptions and spec sheets for their products. Read these details carefully and make sure you understand what they say.

For instance, know the difference between premium leather and bonded leather Ė it could save you heartaches down the road. As an added bonus, the furniture youíre looking for is often for sale locally. This gives you the option of trying it out in the store and then buying it online, usually saving some serious cash along the way.

Measure twice, buy once

You may have fallen in love with a gorgeous Italian leather living room set, but arenít sure if it fits in your living room. Measure your room dimensions first and sketch them out on a piece of paper. Then look at the size of each piece of furniture. Plot it out on your sketch to make sure it will work in your space. Perhaps you can only fit the sofa and table, just a chair or all the pieces.

Youíll never know unless you measure.

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