Where do I need path light?

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path lighting
Path lights enhance the curb appeal of the home
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Path light where you need it will have guests thanking you, not burglars

What exactly is a path light?

Path lights are those charming, usually low-wattage lights that are seen alongside of sidewalks, driveways, strategically placed throughout gardens and positioned in front of houses. They enable people to see in the dark, so the lights are functional. But they're also beautiful and enhance the sidewalk appeal of the home.

Where should path lights be placed?

If you are asking "where do I need path light?" the answer is "anywhere you need lighting for night-time safety or to increase the aesthetics of your home." There is no hard and fast set of rules. But I'll be happy to provide some good ideas. But before I share that, let me provide a little more about this outdoor lighting. 

Walkway lights come in an array of types, colors, sizes, designs as well as modern and contemporary, arts and crafts style, casual, traditional and transitional versions. They also come in various finishes, including black tones, brass, brown tones, gold, bronze, stain nickel and satin chrome beige.  Before you go shopping, take a careful look at your existing garden design, fences, and even your landscaping style to determine the best designs to coordinate with your home. 

The lights are made of solid brass, glass resin, cast aluminum and aluminum, and thee days, most are solar powered. Some have batteries in them, which have to be replaced occasionally but not often. And a few still require hardwiring with underground cables running from the house to each unit. (The advantage of this wired style is that you can turn them off or on from the house, as you choose.) 


More than once path lights have rescued people from taking a tumble in the dark. In addition to porch lights, path lights offer enhanced security for the home and property. The smaller versions are sometimes referred to as "destination lighting" because they provide enough light to guide a person to his destination without crashing into fence or boulder.

Line the walkway

Path lights can establish the paths that the homeowner wants people to take. It could lead visitors to the fornt door, the back gate, or an otherwise hidden garden area, swimming pool or sculpture garden. 

Spotlight trip hazards

Prevent guests from stumbling over a tree stump or an unexpected step or bump in the sidewalk by putting sidewalk or other low lights in these locations so the guests can be forewarned.

Shed light on dark corners

When a property owner wants to turn off his porch lights or exterior spot lights to conserve on energy, the path lights, which are energy efficient, remain on and prevent the home and yard from being in complete darkness. This is a smart security measure. It also adds a warm appearance to the home as people walk or drive by -- or the homeowners come back late in the evening. 

Highlight landscaping and architecture

Path lights are also considered landscape lighting because they highlight the garden or any area that the homeowner wants to emphasize. Used this way, they're an asset and a welcome accessory and to help show off landscaping or the exterior or the home, even when itís dark outside.

Accessorize special events

If planning that perfect garden wedding or having a family gathering by hosting a party in the yard, path lights will keep the guests, who are unfamiliar with the terrain, literally on the right path.

Luminaries by another name?

Landscape lights are an upscale version of luminaries Ė the candles put in paper sacks filled with sand Ė which you frequently see during the Christmas holiday. Homeowners and business owners can now have this look year-round and not worry about buying candles and sacks, or the sack catching on fire. The impact is similar...but the simplicity and safety are significantly higher than an open flame.

They're affordable, too

Low profile landscape lighting has become very popular in recent years because it makes sense. The lights are generally quite affordable and long lasting. They convey a warmth and welcoming ambiance as well as allow homeowners to feature places of interest in their yards as well as discouraging those who are up to no good during the nighttime hours and who arenít welcome in the home or on the property.

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