How to change a doorknob

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Learning how to change a doorknob is easy and a handy household skill

Even if you don't consider yourself to be mechanically inclined, you can probably figure out how to change a doorknob. This essential piece of a door's construction is fairly easy to remove and replace, and doing so takes minimal effort. With the right tools, you'll get this project done in no time.

Types of Doorknobs

There are a variety of reasons for wanting to change your door's hardware. The current hardware could be damaged or unsafe, or, you might just want a new look. Either way, you can change the part yourself.

Fortunately, you have many different options to choose from when selecting your new handle. First you should decide if you need to have a key or not, which is definitely recommended if you are replacing the knob on an entrance into your home.

Otherwise, you could go with something like a passage knob, which is a typical handle that needs to be turned in order to open a door. This could be used on closet, bathroom or bedroom doors.

If you want to prevent access to getting inside somewhere, go with the privacy knob. This allows you to only open and lock the handle from the inside. For instance, if you're in the bathroom and don't want anyone else to come in, you could use this type of knob to ensure you are left alone.

And of course the part has to look nice, as well. So go with an aesthetically-pleasing knob and you can totally change the appearance of your door.

Removing the Doorknob

Before you put a new piece on, you have to take the existing one off. Use a screwdriver to undo the screws that attach the knob to the door. These are typically located on the interior side of the door. You should see them on a plate that surrounds the doorknob.

If your hardware doesn't have such a plate, then look for a small slot on the side of the knob. Inset the key from the new piece of hardware inside the slot and it should pop open, allowing you to remove the knob.

Underneath the knob you should find a plate. Remove this by inserting a flathead screwdriver where it meets up against the door. Give the screwdriver half a turn and it should pop right off.

With the plate gone, you'll find additional screws and a latch that needs to be removed. To get rid of these, you'll need a power drill. You can certainly use a typical screwdriver, but a power drill makes things infinitely easier.

Once the screws are gone, you can remove the latch, which is the piece that sits on the inside of the door. Pop it out and you're ready to move on.

Applying New Screws and Latch

Out with the old and in with the new! Your old hardware is gone, so of course it needs to be replaced. You'll first need to insert the new latch and secure it with the screws. Be sure to place the striker, or the piece that locks the door, in the right direction, or you won't be able to close it properly.

Place the new latch inside the hole the old one resided in. Then secure it in place with the screws. Set the screws in place with a hand screwdriver, then finish the job with a power drill.

Attach the knob over the new latch. Set the screws in place with your hand, then finish them with a screwdriver. Don't over tighten the screws, or you won't be able to turn the knob.

Turn the new piece of hardware to ensure it moves smoothly. Also, check the locks to make sure they work. If you are having difficulty with either, try loosening the doorknob screws first, as that may correct the issue. If you are still having issues, removing the knob completely and start over again. The problem could also be that the striker is in the wrong direction.

Once you are pleased with the movement and look, you're good to go. Now that you know how to change a doorknob, you'll never be stuck with a faulty or ugly knob again.


DIY: How to Change a Doorknob

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