Watching tv in bed comfortably

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Watching TV in bed without waking up sore takes special bedding and accessories

Countless shows and magazines tell us itís not a good idea to keep the TV in the bedroom, but for many people this doesnít feel like a bad habit. At the end of the day, watching something while snuggled under our soft sheets feels more like a luxury. As long your sleep isnít affected, this is one indulgence many of us arenít letting go of. 

Once settled in, itís easy enough to start off sitting comfortable, but the more tired you get the more your body sinks down. The last thing you want is to wake up with a sore neck. Watching TV in bed comfortably is a challenge when youíre constantly adjusting pillows and positions.

While it would be convenient to simply sleep in the exact same position we view our favorite shows in, it saves time and soreness to admit this isnít the case. Making a few simple changes in how the TV is set up and adding some cushions to the bed is a quick and effective fix.

Positioning the bedroom TV

Lie on your bed and take note of where the television set falls in your line of vision. Do you have to crane your neck or lay flat to see it at a high angle? Move it to a stand directly across from the foot of the bed or at the side if you have space constrictions.

The ideal level will be slightly above your line of vision. Angle it so it faces you. For two people, keep in the center at the foot or angled to suit both of you.

Add cushioning

The trick to watching TV in bed comfortably is soft support. Sleeping on top of a big pile of cushions may not be as comfortable as it looks, but using them to support you while slightly upright makes a huge difference.

Add a few firm throw pillows to your bed, a large one for your back and smaller one for the head. Toss them on a chair when you sleep so they donít get dirty on the floor.

Use a timer or remote

The advantage of setting your television to click off on a timer is that you donít have to stay alert for fear of leaving it on all night. The disadvantage is that you can easily drift off while in a position thatís great for viewing, but bad for sleeping.

Consider your habits to choose, or simply use both. Having a remote on the bed stand gives you the option to turn it off when you feel like it, and the timer could serve as a backup.

Special pillows

Arranging multiple pillows can still result in constant adjustments. Bedrest arm pillows, also known as ďhusbandsĒ, do the work of three. They provide firm back and neck support, as well as arm rests that hug your sides. This could be the husband youíve always wanted!

TV trays

Watching TV in bed may be an occasional treat, nightly routine or how you treat yourself on a sick day. You need to rest to get well, but the mind and body get stir crazy fast. Being disciplined about physical rest doesnít mean you canít amuse yourself for a bit between naps.

On sick days, set up a TV tray by the side of the bed so you have many provisions within reach, including medicine and water. Place a book or magazine on the side, pop in your favorite movie and relax.

Keep things light when choosing what to watch. Late night shows are funny and silly because itís easier for the mind to relax when you can laugh without thinking. A good nightís sleep is essential to your health, and comfort is the not-so-secret ingredient.

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