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How to decorate with maps

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Wall murals are one way to use maps to decorate
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Decorate with maps to create a unique, worldly and conversation-ready interior

Say you have decided that you want to redecorate a room in your house. Suppose you want to just find a new way to decorate a portion of that room. Maybe you want to redo the entire house in a single theme.

One of the truly original ways to decorate is by using different looking maps. Use actual maps, either of a particular part of the world or the entire world. The colors and designs that come from these pictures can be worked into your home to give it a look that is both unique and very livable. While this might sound intriguing to you, you probably are wondering how to decorate with maps.

The easiest and most popular way to decorate with maps is simply to put one -- or many -- on a wall. Using these as a kind of wallpaper can give your house an intriguing look that most people would never think of using. You can go with many different maps, either laid against one another or overlapping.

You can also go with a mural approach by using wall maps. Paint your wall a color that will match those colors that are featured in the map, then post that enlarged map in the center of the wall. If you do this just right you can give your house a worldly look that will be the envy of the neighborhood. You just want to make sure that you are not covering the maps up with a bunch of furniture up against the wall. If you go with a mural look, you want to make sure that people can see it and that it is a centerpiece of the room.

Another way to use these cartographic displays in a way that will give your room a little more panache is to simply frame a smaller version like you would a piece of art. You can hang this anywhere you would like, though the colors in the map should be accentuated by the frame and should also somewhat match the color schemes of the rest of the room. You can go with a larger copy of a map and have it framed to use as a centerpiece for the room, or you can use a smaller one as an accent piece.

You can also get a couple of different maps, frame them and line them up. This way you have a little artistic display right in your living or dining room.

Get creative

While framing and using them as wallpaper might be well known, there are other less expected way to decorate with these items. French doors, with small panes of glass, look nice in a country home. Those doors can get even more unique should you decide to paper the windows with sections of a map, or tiny maps for each section.

You can also use maps as wrapping paper for gifts - or empty boxies - under a Christmas tree. If you are a big time travel buff this can even be used as a way to show someone where you would like to go or as a hint about where their present might be a trip to.

If you are very industrious, you can get a map transferred to fabric. Once you've taken that step, coming up with some really interest curtains, cushions or even pillow cases are all ways in which you can use the lines and grooves as a unique design in your home.

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