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Tips for displaying coins

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Follow these tips for displaying coins because preservation is important

Coin collectors are interesting people. If you know any, you also know to get comfortable if you ask about one of their coins. They will spend ages telling you where they found it, what its history and value is, and all kinds of fascinating information.

Displaying coins can be a challenge, though. Here are a few factors involved when you want the world to enjoy your precious collections.


The first thing coin collectors have to think about is safety. This is not a word usually associated with coin collecting, but it is important to safely display your coins in order to retain their value.

The best option is displaying coins in a glass-covered tray with pre-formed wells to fit your coins. Purchase a tray that fits your coins snugly or with little space left around the coin to lessen wear and tear around the edges of the coins.

Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes have long been the standard for containing precious items and your coins are no exception. Make sure you find a box, or several boxes, that will fit your coin collection so that the coins do not touch.

A specialist in preservation or your local framing shop will be able to help you rig small shelves or boxes within the shadow box. This will help you display rows of coins correctly. After all, gluing your coin to a piece of cardboard and slapping in to the back of the box will not do.

Keep preservation in mind when preserving your treasured coin collection.


Tarnish cloths are a necessity according to the Home Museum. You can use a tarnish cloth to keep your coins in optimum shape for viewing. There are expensive versions of tarnish cloths with tiny bits of silver embedded into the fabric, or you can find a less-expensive version that contains a chemical that does not harm your coin while polishing off the debris of years.

How to collect?

Displaying coins is not even a question unless you have coins to display. Before you begin, read about how to start collecting coins on the internet or at your local bookstore. The avid coin collector can spot a fake from a mile away, but only after seemingly infinite hours of research into their history, creation and design.

Whether you choose boxes or trays, displaying precious coin collections are the best way to share them with the world or simply the world around you. Stuffing them away in a box will both damage them and keep them from being enjoyed. Try a few of these simple display ideas and you will be able to keep your coins for generations. 

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