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Easter cupcakes ideas

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Festive Easter cupcakes
Recreate these cute cupcakes for Easter
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Some Easter cupcakes ideas that will make this your most festive holiday yet!

Dipping eggs into colorful dye is a wonderful Easter tradition, but it can get a bit redundant year after year. Why not add to the excitement and satisfy a sweet tooth by baking some festive Easter cupcakes?

Kids will love to help out in the kitchen with this fun twist on baking cupcakes. From cute little malt eggs to unique decorating ideas, there are tons of ways to get creative.

Pretty Pastels

Since pastel colors go so well with Spring, why not add them to your Easter cupcakes? Pastel colors can be added to batter and frosting. Just make sure you don't overload on the food coloring, as the cupcakes won't be pastel colored if you do. Start by adding only a few drops of food coloring for the perfect pastel color.

Baking cups are also perfect in pastel colors. Use fancy scallop-edged baking cups that look like flower petals to add a touch of Spring time. Once the cupcakes are cooled, carefully use pastel colored glitter pens and draw along the insides of the ridges of the baking cup.

Easter Egg Malt Ball Cupcakes

These cupcakes (pictured above) are super adorable and can be created in just a few simple steps. First, take your favorite chocolate cake mix and bake (you may also use your own
chocolate cake recipe from scratch).

Let the cupcakes cool, and then cover the tops of the cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Shave a generous amount of milk or dark chocolate over the cupcakes. Add a few colorful Easter egg malt balls to the middle of each cupcake. Add colorful sprinkles. These creative confections will really get you in the mood for an Easter egg hunt!

Spring Fruits and Flavors

Spruce up your Easter cupcakes with delicious in-season spring fruits. Strawberries are especially delicious around this time of year. For a quick fix, use store bought strawberry cake mix. You can also add strawberry extract to your vanilla or chocolate cupcake batter.

For excellent strawberry frosting, add strawberry puree to your favorite frosting. To make the puree, add thawed strawberries, a few tablespoons of sugar, and a few tablespoons of water to your food processor or blender, and then blend until smooth.

Another idea is to add a teaspoon or so of lavender oil in vanilla cupcake batter for a fantastic Spring-time flavor. Spring fruits to decorate the tops will add a lovely seasonal touch to any cupcake you make.

Peeps, Sprinkles, and More

Peeps and sprinkles are super easy touches that kids will love to help out with. Add yummy bunny and duck Peeps to the top of your cupcakes. If that isn't enough, then colorful egg shaped sprinkles will add the perfect touch.

Peanut butter lovers can rejoice with Easter egg and bunny shaped Reese's. Oreo also has a spring theme with yellow cream in the middle. Almost every type of candy has an Easter variety, so go crazy with the decorations!

Spring Themed Baking Cups

Spring themed baking cups will add the perfect final touch to any Easter cupcake. An endless assortment, from cups with bunnies to cups with eggs, can be found in many seasonal sections in supermarkets and craft stores. Tulip shaped baking cups are beautiful and will certainly be a hit with everyone.

Easter Bunny Display

Getting your cupcakes Easter ready doesn't have to stop with using decorative baking cups -- you can also get creative with how you display them. For an outstanding cupcake display thatís shaped like an Easter bunny's head, you'll want to bake a large amount of cupcakes, between 36 and 48. To do this quickly, use two baking trays that hold 24 cupcakes each. That way, you can bake all 48 cupcakes at once by fitting both trays in the oven. Once the cupcakes are done, place them so that they make a head and ears. This display is almost too pretty to eat!

Whether you use some or all of these ideas, your Easter cupcakes will sure be fabulous.
Just know that there is no such thing as doing too much or too little, so decorate away and bake a bunch. After all, Easter is a holiday, so go big!

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