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When to use flashing emergency lights

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Flashers signal an emergency
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Never worry again about when to flash emergency lights to be safe while driving

Often a vehicle is seen on the road with its emergency lights on. Flashing emergency lights are for emergency purposes only and make other drivers aware of the situation. Therefore, it is critical for every driver to know when it's okay to use flashing emergency lights so other drivers can steer clear and emergency personnel can spot the vehicle more quickly.

Here are instances when one should use flashing emergency lights:

Severe Weather

Sometimes it's difficult to see a mere five feet in front of a vehicle when it's pouring rain or snow, no matter how fast windshield wipers are moving. If it's really coming down, it's not uncommon to crawl at speeds of ten mph. If you are pulling over to stop until the rain subsides, flashing emergency lights not only make other drivers more aware of one's vehicle, but it also lets the rebels that are still going the normal speed know that they should proceed past the car with caution. These lights may also influence other drivers to practice safe driving skills. 

Broken Down Vehicle

This is one of the most common reasons people use emergency lights, and doing so can save lives! Being broken down on the side of the road isn't an ideal situation. Spare an even bigger headache by flashing emergency lights, making a vehicle easy to spot by AAA, or whatever car service is called. 

Flashing emergency lights is also a matter of courtesy to other drivers. If stuck in a driving lane, flashing lights give other people a heads up to go around the stuck vehicle. Doing this will prevent a lot of road rage from most drivers.

Emergency Medical Situation

The most crucial time to use flashing lights is during a medical emergency. Some instances call for a vehicle to move slowly rather than quickly. People with severe abdominal pain or broken bones should not be in a fast moving vehicle if they aren't strapped down properly. Putting on emergency lights lets other drivers know not to create an even more dangerous situation by driving like maniacs and risking an accident.

Large Item

Carrying a large item in a vehicle that doesn't quite fit properly will cause a person to drive slowly. Therefore, put emergency flashing lights on.

No driver should be ignorant of when to use flashing emergency lights as it is both safe and polite to do so.


Red Cross Severe Weather Driving

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