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How to be able to sing

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Work hard and one day you may be sharing the stage
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How to be able to sing is more complicated than knowing the words to a song

So you're a beginner who wants to learn how to sing? Or you're an experienced singer who's interested in fixing certain voice issues?

Ken Taylor, a vocal coach based in Memphis, TN, has performed all over the world and has worked under some of the best music coaches in the United States. With his blog in mind, here are tips for beginners and advanced singers alike looking to improve their voice, confidence level, and learn the best habits of singers performing across stages all across America.  

Relax Your Tongue

Did you know there could be tension in your tongue? According to Taylor, about 65-85% of all vocal issues can be traced back to tension in the tongue.

His quick fix is to take a look at yourself in the mirror as you sing and note the placement of your tongue. If the tip isn't visibly perched on your bottom front teeth, there's tongue tension. To solve the issue, simply relax your tongue (watching in the mirror as you sing with that vocal microphone in hand) more forward in your mouth.

This should cut down on tongue tension and give you a better overall sound output.

Don't Take In Too Much Air

Did you know there can also be tension in your neck? With singing, there seems to be quite a few places where tension can reside, effectively cutting into the beauty of your voice. If you breathe in too much air, it can actually stop you from hitting certain high notes and will cause the aforementioned tension in your neck. Taylor wants the singer to realize how little air goes in during regular breathing and work on exercises to mimic that exact breathing during song.

For a list of potential breathing exercises and more information on proper breathing techniques, check out

Keep the Larynx Steady

This one can be a simple fix, as when you sing, rest your hand on your larynx (Adam's apple region). Any raising or lowering of this area, you are most likely throwing off your whole vocal mechanism leading to a host of problems. Keep your hand on that area and practice keeping it steady as you belt out those tunes. 

Check out some vocal singing exercises that can help you after you've mastered those breathing techniques.

Relax the Back of Your Mouth

Try holding the "ng" sound in the word hung. The back of your mouth feels closed and not totally comfortable. Now belt out "ahhhh" as if you were at a checkup at the doctor's office. Notice the difference? If you sing with the back of your mouth closed, the sound of your voice will suffer.  Picture the "ah" feeling you get at the doctor's office and work on achieving that during song. It will help to improve the sound of your singing voice and the resonance it gives off.

Sing with Energy and Believe in Yourself

Picture yourself on the stage, the lights on you, the world watching as you shine. You need energy and confidence to become a great singer. Good genes will help also.

If you're a young singer or musician, keep working at it hard. It's your will to practice and spend long hours learning new techniques that will allow you to improve, ever so slowly. You'll have to learn lyrics, master breathing and posture exercises, take part in lessons, and more. But if it's a passion or something you're interested in, go for it and see where your hard work can take you.


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