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How to clean clutter

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Too much quickly becomes clutter
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Need to know how to clean clutter in your house and simplify your living space?

Some people feel like they have done some horrible wrong when their house or apartment is a little too full of stuff.  Tidying up is never all that fun, but when you neglect picking up as you go you will be surprised just how fast things can accumulate.  Then one day you take a good long look at your place and realize  that something has to be done. 

Unfortunately you might not even know where to begin and once you get started you can feel as though you haven't really made any progress.  Knowing how to clean clutter can seem to be a secret that's eluding you but it's really not all that hard.

Break The Job Down Into Stages

The best way to take on a task like this is to break the job down into different tasks.  If you feel as if the whole house is needed a cleaning, then you could take the approach of going room by room. 

Say you start off in the kids room and their floors are carpeted with toys and books.  You should start by clearing off the floor and putting the toys in one pile and the books in another.  Once you have gotten everything cleared away, you can then decide where things are going to go.  

If there is really a lot of mess, you could even take another step and remove everything from the room, clean it and then begin putting stuff back into the room piece by piece.  Going out and getting a couple of containers or organizers in order to put the stuff away.  Especially when you are talking about the kids toys, there are all kinds of different ways to keep the mess from coming back -- like a toy net that actually hangs from the ceiling.


If you happened to be blessed with a nice basement or attic, or even just a storage closet that comes with the apartment, there are a number of different ways you can use them.  Depending on how much space you have compared to how much room you have for storage, you might need to start putting some things away and forgetting about them for a few months.  Rotating out the clothes that your or your family wears in the winter, when the winter is over can help reduce mess. 

When talking about clothes especially there are tools that can be used to take up less room such as clear storage drawers or even those space bags that actually suck all the air out of the bags and compact a pile of clothes.  

Whether talking about clothes or holiday ornaments or decorations or even toys and other trinkets that can be put away for part of the year, there are tons of tools, wire shelving racks and storage organizers than can be installed in your storage area to give you a little more space and get the clutter out of your living area.

How to Clean Clutter Right Out of Your House

Sometimes we need to find a better place to put things, and sometimes we need to realize that we really don't need everything we have.  Garage sales are the great American way of getting rid of stuff we just don't use anymore and don't have room to keep in our house.  On any given weekend afternoon, you can drive down a couple of blocks and find two or three garage sales going on.

Of course, perhaps you don't want to spend time setting up a garage sale and you can sell every item you've decided you can part with using eBay or Craigslist.  Both of these sites are completely free to use and are heavily trafficked enough that if the item you are trying to sell is in good condition, you'll probably find a buyer.

The added bonus of this approach is that if you sell your excess items off, you won't run as big a risk of getting buried under clutter again anytime soon, and you could make a pretty penny for your trouble.

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