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How to get someone's attention

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How to get someone's attention using creativity and smart promotional tools

There are a variety of settings to grab someone's attention, from social gatherings to business meetings, and everything in between. Below, we'll take a look at a variety of ways and settings in which to work your new-found magic.

For Kids

How to get someones attention starts with childhood learning. According to the website, teachers and parents are the starting point for social learning. The site offers information for those with learning disabilities, but its tips can be helpful for those children with difficulty in garnering attention from others in the right way.

Many children will simply call your name or pull on your clothing in order to try to get you to focus on them. As well, many will look to hit or yell at another child because they don't understand the proper practices for making their voice heard.

As with anything, parents and teachers help to shape a child's social progress by teaching them the right ways to interact with others. They can speak with the child about various poor practices and use teaching or role-playing techniques to get their point across. These teaching sessions can help to change the ways in which children communicate with others in the long run.

For more information, be sure to head over to the Connectability page here. They'll provide teachers and parents with various scenarios to work through with the child, positive ways to reinforce progress, and the attributes necessary to see it through to a winning conclusion.

In A Social Setting

For adults, learning how to get someones attention can be a trying endeavor. According to a article on social interactions, the best ways are:
  1. Be interesting
  2. Hear what others have to say
  3. Be up front
  4. Start something
  5. Be a leader

Oh, to be interesting.  How does one do that? Well, try changing your routine, learning something new, or working on a few stories that might interest others. When at get-togethers or parties, listen to what others have to say and see what qualities they possess to keep the interest of others.

One of the better ways to get people to look your way is to start something that interests them. Play music (or learn to play music), sing, play a sport that gets you noticed, or try something new and completely different. Outside of a social gathering, these can be good ways in which to get out into the forefront and get people to notice you (and your talents).

Try to assert yourself and be a leader, not a follower, says the Yahoo article. In social, business, or even political settings, leaders are looked up to and listened to. Thus, there are many options for social settings in which you can catch the eye of a stranger.

In A Business Setting

For those looking to attract readers/potential customers, astute professionals and business owners can look to a variety of ways to gain potential customers for their products.
  • Make it visual: promote your logo and the name of your company using creative and attention-grabbing imprinted items and tradeshow giveaways.
  • Help them see what you see: In a way, use storytelling, personal experiences, detailed descriptions, and any other such messages that will help to put your reader and potential customer in the right frame of mind to understand what you're selling them.
  • Use emotion: This will clarify your position and will get people talking about your company and products. Remember, that emotion is better than logic in this regard.
  • Make it personal: When you personalize the message, you immediately grab someone's attention and you'll have them for the duration.
Resources: Getting Someone's Attention. How to Capture Your Reader's Attention. How to Get People to Pay More Attention to You: Five Very Good Tactics.

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