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How to get your college degree online

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You can study online anywhere
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A few tips for online degrees

If you ever wondered how to get your college degree online, here are a few suggestions about how to pursue this wise decision. The College Board reports a full-time worker holding a bachelors degree earns almost 63% more than the full-time worker holding only a high school diploma. That is a total of almost $1 million over the course of a lifetime. Distance learning and online education is making it much easier to get a college degree these days.


Distance learning, or online degrees, give students the opportunity to study any time of day or night. The luxury of studying on your own schedule makes it easier to take college courses while holding a full-time job. Online study is also compatible with military service, whether serving overseas, on a ship, or in an area without easy access to a college campus.


Some programs combine what is called a low-residency program with studying online. In a low-residency degree program, students study at home via the Internet while keeping in close contact with an advisor located at the school in question. Once or twice per year, students gather at the school for a period of up to two weeks to share information, attend workshops and seminars, or meet with their advisor. This type of program combines the best of both worlds; face-to-face contact with studying at your leisure.


Another reason to get your college degree online are the reduced costs. The cost of a college education has risen steadily over the past twenty years with some schools costing double what they used to cost. As a result, many students rely on financial aid. The first step is to fill out the FAFSA (Free Application For Federal Student Aid) which is required to apply for federal, state and even some institutional aid. 


After this application is evaluated, students may be eligible for grants such as the Pell Grant or scholarships, neither of which has to be paid back, or loans, depending upon their family’s financial need. Work study, money paid to the school for work performed by the student, may also be available to help students defray their costs. Students should contact their school’s financial aid office for help. There they will learn about all of the opportunities available to them, many of which they had not been aware.


Some tips for applying for college include organizing your application materials. It is a good idea to keep all of your applications and information about each college in separate folders. A handy way to do it is to put each college’s printed material in a legal size accordion folder along with your notes including relevant urls. When you have chosen the college, or colleges, you wish to apply for, it is easy to learn how to get your college degree online. Simply go to that college’s website for all of the information you need to apply, to choose a degree, even information about scholarships and financial aid can be found on the websites that serve online learning.


All of the online colleges allow online applications with supplemental materials, such as proof of graduation from high school or with another degree, sent via regular mail. The school should send you an email confirmation when they receive your materials. If accepted, the college will contact you and begin the process of determining financial aid or making tuition payments, and beginning the chosen course of study.


College teaches the skills you need to succeed in your chosen career path. By working through your classes, you will learn theories, business techniques and gain basic knowledge of a wide variety of subjects. Since online classes involve signing into a secure website in order to access your classes, you will gain proficiency with the internet as you complete your homework, attend chat sessions, and participate in online discussion groups.


If you are thinking of earning your college degree, an online college may be your best choice. Take your career into your own hands with distance learning and online education. Your degree is only as far as your keyboard.

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