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How to know if UGGs are real

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You need to figure out how to know if UGGs are real before you spend the money

The UGG brand has exploded onto the scene with stylish and comfortable men's and women's shoes. As with any popular product, there has been a rash of fakes which have made their way into the marketplace, as well. Many of these products have similar appearance, tags, care booklets, and more, in common with their genuine counterparts.

Counterfeit products cost the global economy around $600 billion in revenue a year. So, the question of how to know if fashionable UGG boots are real becomes a very important one. In the next sections, we'll use information direct from the UGG website to help in curtailing the purchase of fake products around the world.

Best Practices From the UGG Site

The UGG Australia site offers a variety of resources available for the discriminating buyer. First and foremost, one can click on a link to find a whole slew of authorized online retailers. In addition, known counterfeit sites are available as well for a user to input in the UGG Australia search engine.

A buyer can use their site to find a UGG Australia store near them or find an online retailer from the list of authorized sellers they provide. The site provides even more information as it pertains to potential counterfeit sources.

Buyers searching to buy UGG products off of eBay -- or other such auction sites -- should search elsewhere. As well, sites such as Tao Bao or Craig's List -- trade boards -- are on the no-no list, too. UGG Australia retailers aren't allowed to sell their wares on these particular sites which means that most merchandise found will be counterfeit.

Simply input the website of your prospective seller at the official UGG website. By doing this, you can find out whether or not they are an authorized retailer. If they're not, find a seller that is authorized and you won't have to worry about potential counterfeit products making their way to your doorstep.

What Happens If You've Purchased Boots?

Security features are discussed in-depth on the UGG Australia site; the buyer can find out whether their product is a fake if they know just a few simple pieces of information. Basically, how things are supposed to look and feel.

Every genuine piece comes with a reflective security label which is sown into the left shoe; it can also be found on the shoebox, as well. This tag allows for instant authentication of a genuine product. For their products that were made from Fall 2010 up until 2012, the buyer can turn their particular label 90 degrees and watch the magic happen.

As it turns, the sun logos change from black to white on the reflective strip. Thus, you have a UGG product which has been certified  as genuine (for the most part).

For their products made in Fall 2012 and beyond, there will be new measures put in place to help to dissuade counterfeiters. There will be a rolling optics feature, which is a 3-D effect that will make the UGG logo look as if it were moving over the suns underneath.

The new rolling optic will be put into place because counterfeiters may have already deciphered ways in which to recreate the reflective strip. The 3-D rolling optic will thus allow for buyers to verify they have purchased the genuine product and not some knock-off.

Follow the simple guidelines laid out above and before no time you'll have a comfortable, stylish pair of your own -- With no worries as to the quality of the craftsmanship. You'll also be doing your part to stamp out the nefarious practices of worldwide counterfeiting.

How to know if uggs are real? Simply use the guidelines above and you'll be set!


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