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How to prioritize work when everything is ASAP

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To Do List
When it comes to time management, productivity and organization, there is nothing so vital as a To-Do list!
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Use these five tips to prioritize work and manage time

An individual's level of success, efficiency, productivity, organization, and ultimately, one's sense of accomplishment in balancing life's demands; can all be linked to one thing- the knack for prioritizing work when everything is "ASAP."  Learning to prioritize tasks is truly the key to being successful and less stressed.

College students, CEO's, even busy moms have all faced the challenge of juggling the myriad of tasks, demands, deadlines and obligations that arise every day.  At one point or another, nearly everyone has experienced the overwhelming notion that there are simply too many things to do, and not enough hours in the day.

The solution to reducing stress, anxiety, and regaining a sense of control over life is as simple as learning a few key tips for prioritizing work when everything is ASAP. 

Five Simple Tips for Prioritizing Work When Everything is ASAP:

1.  Make a To-Do List:

Without a to-do list, you will seem unfocused, unreliable and forgetful to those around you.  Whether you keep your list in a notebook, in a datebook, on a calendar, on your cell phone or PDA, maintaining a to-do list will help you stay organized and focused.  

2.  Manage Your To-Do List: 

Maintaining an effective to-do list is a bit more complicated than simply jotting down obligations.  To be an effective method for prioritizing work when everything is ASAP, a to-do list must be dynamic and interactive.  Be sure to post your to-do list somewhere where you will view it regularly, or better yet, carry it with you!  If you aren't able to look back at your list periodically, it won't be any help to you!  Update your list with tasks, revised dates, and cross things off once those tasks have been completed.  This will give you a sense of accomplishment and will help you to stay motivated.

3.  Schedule Your Time: 

Adding dates, deadlines and time constraints to your to-do list; or syncing your to-do list with your personal calendar is vital.  Adding specific times, dates, and deadlines to your to do list will help you to effectively schedule your time.  Weigh what absolutely must be done today against tasks that can wait until next week.  Also take consequences into consideration.  For example, you may wish to return a late video today to avoid a $2 fine, but finishing the business report that is due tomorrow or preparing for a corporate presentation will likely take precedence, since the consequences for an incomplete assignment could lead to the loss of a job.

4.  Delegate: 

Sometimes, there is simply no way to accomplish everything yourself.  In these instances, its okay to ask for help, or delegate responsibilities and tasks.  

5.  Learn to Say No: 

Sometimes, saying no is the very best thing you can do to avoid undue stress and anxiety.  Certainly it is noble to assist other people when and where you can, but it is not worth burning yourself out by adding ten more tasks to own to-do list.  Don't take on more than you can handle.  

Ultimately, A to-do list can help you to prioritize goals and remain focused and organized.  A to-do list can also help you to manage your time, keep your cool and focus on one project at a time, especially during instances where daily demands can seem overwhelming.    

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