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How to use an electric oven

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Electric Oven
Cooking on an electric oven is easy
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Understanding how to use an electric oven is just as easy as a gas oven

Cooking can be a delicate procedure no matter what you are making. If you are wanting to make something that comes out as perfect as can be then you are going to need to demonstrate the ability to judge how long to cook as well as what to add and when to add it, as well as how you are adding one ingredient or another. In this day and age there are basically two different kind of stoves that you will be using to make whatever dish your heart desires.

The first kind of stove most people will run across is a gas powered stove. These are generally actually hooked up to a natural gas line in the house. 

The top of the stove has burners that generally have a "light" function on the temperature dial and some sort of device that clicks, makes the sparks and eventually produces an open flame. The inside has the same sort of device, only the flame is directed to encompass the entire inside of the oven. In order to reach certain temperatures, the flame is turned up or down.

The electric cooking appliance operates along the same principle as the gas powered one, but a completely different mechanism. 

An electric stove generally uses metal coils on the top part of the stove that have heat pumped through them. This doesn't require an open flame and neither does the inside, which has the same sort of metal rods or coils heating up using electricity rather than gas and a spark or small flame.

While the ovens might be fairly different in the way they actually start up and heat up, there is not a whole lot of difference in the way that they cook. There isn't a particularly different way for you to bake a cake using gas, or electricity. Whether you are making a pizza or cooking up pancakes, bacon and eggs on  a nice griddle, the operation really is not all that different.

One area where the electric model and the gas model can differ is the preciseness of the cooking time, especially if you are using one of the burners on the top of the stove. With gas you are working with an open flame, and while the people who have designed these newer gas ovens have found a way to harness it, you are still dealing with a rather "wild" heating source.

When dealing with an electric cooking appliance, especially a newer model, you are dealing with a machine that can more precisely be set to a certain temperature. Ideally this will mean less guess work, especially when dealing with the cooker and the broiler on the inside.

There is not a great deal more effort to when you are trying to figure out how to cook with an electric stove. Simply set the dial to the desire temperature you would like to heat it to (or punch it in digitally if the appliance is truly futuristic) and wait. Once it has reached the desired temperature you simply need to bake or broil or otherwise cook the recipe you are preparing for the prescribed time. Some ovens will come with a built in timer, other times you can simply use an external kitchen timer.

When using the burners on the top of the stove, the operation is equally as simple. Turn the dial that operates the corresponding burner to whatever level you want. Most of these will be degrees of heat, instead of temperature (low, medium, high and in between). These burners will alert you they are ready by turning from black or grey to red, the higher the temperature the redder the burner will become. Then, much like using the regular inner part of the stove, you simply cook for whatever amount of time the recipe calls for.

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