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How to use Facebook for nonprofits

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If you know how to use Facebook for nonprofits you will raise more money

According to Facebook, more than 800 million people are active users. Of that 800 million, approximately 400 million log on every single day. If you run a non-profit, it is foolish not to use these numbers to promote your mission. The best part is that Facebook can be only one of the online fundraising ideas you can employ for your benefit.

Here are a few ideas that can help bring eyes to your page and funds to your nonprofit by using Facebook.

Upload your photos and videos

Most administrators know using Facebook for nonprofits adds value to their fundraising efforts. You can add even more value by getting those photos and videos of every event out of your computer and onto your Facebook page.

Rather than pay your webmaster to upload it to your website, assuming you have a website, you can upload it to your Facebook page quickly and easily. Simply follow the directions at the top of your Facebook page.

Link your blog

Linking your blog to your Facebook page is a smart move that also saves you a step. Each time you update your blog, it automatically posts to your Facebook page.

After logging in to Facebook, search “NetworkedBlogs” (without a space in between the words). Click “Register a blog” and follow the directions. Each time you post on your blog, your Facebook will automatically update. Make sure you post when you update your website and you will also be directing readers to your website.

Announce events

This is one of the most popular uses of Facebook for nonprofits. Planning ahead means less stress, so make sure to announce each event your organization is planning and announce it more than once. Announce your event as soon as you have the date, a few weeks out with enough time for patrons to purchase tickets, and one last time a few days before the actual event. Do not forget to post a follow-up article. This helps people decide if they want to put it on their calendar for next year.

Ask readers to “Like” your organization

As with announcing your events, asking people to “Like” your event is a good practice. People often use what I call the sheep mentality. They follow the crowd. If their crowd enjoyed your event or likes your organization, they will give it a look, too. The more people like your organization, the more will follow you and donate to your cause.

Create or join a group

Groups abound on Facebook. By joining a group that espouses the same values as your group, you will gain insight from others who are in the same boat as you.

For example, if you run a community arts organization, you can go to “groups” in the menu and type in “community arts organizations.” A list of other community arts organizations using Facebook for nonprofits will pop up. Join those that are most aligned with your mission. You can then exchange information, ask questions and maybe even share a few volunteers.

Educate people about your cause

This may be one of the most valuable uses of Facebook for nonprofits. By doing all or many of the previous items listed, and getting readers to like you, you then have a captive audience. That captive audience allows you to get your message out there. If your message strikes a chord with someone, he or she is more likely to donate to your cause.

Using Facebook for your nonprofit is slowly becoming the standard in the nonprofit world. Organizations like it because it is free, easy to figure out and gets the word out to many people at once. Using Facebook for nonprofits may earn your organization a place as a leader of information about your cause, too. Be judicious and informative when posting and your organization may find itself one of the top experts in your field.

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