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How to use stamps in scrapbooking

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This is one kind of stamp for scrapbooking
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Here is a couple of ways you can use stamps in scrapbooking

When you are really into scrapbooking, there are many different ways you can update your craft. Most people love to add their own little touches to the book they are creating in order to make sure they are able to remember details of their experiences.

Sometimes scrapbooking can be very straight forward as to what the person who is doing the craft wants to convey. Other people use these books as a form of art. When approaching the craft as creating artwork, there are more abstract decorations and objects incorporated.

One of the most popular additions to a creative scrapbook is stamps. When deciding how to use the many varieties of stamps in scrapbooking, keep in mind that there are many different ways to actually use stamps.The way that you use them will make the difference between how your finished books will look.

More to it than it appears

When using stamps, no matter what kind of stamps you are using, you need to make sure that you have your design planned out and your scrapping supplies ready to go. You don't want to end up overlapping when you don't want to overlap. That will make the book and the page look rather shabby and helter-skelter.

Sticker stamps

The next step is to decide what kind of stamp you are going to be using. If you are going to use sticker stamps in order to help commemorate someone or something, then there is a huge selection of stamps out there. White stickers, you can use a clear stamp that can be placed over another element on your scrap page, or a sticker that will be taking up its own space.

Stamps can either be additional embellisments, such as the kind you stick on the paper to be part of the general theme, and they can even be used as the background.

Rubber stamps

If you are creating a background with stamps, it is more likely that you will be using rubber stamps and a variety of inks.

There are thousands of different ways you can use rubber stamps and inks in the scrapbooks you are working on. You can stamp a design over and over in order to cover the page, or you can create a pattern by stamping each corner and creating borders around page elements or the entire page. If you use a large rubber stamp, you can just center the stamp on the page and decorate around and over the design.

Adding elements and materials

If you are using other materials in your scrapbooks besides paper, there are a number of different ways you can still use stamps. There are specific inks that will work on materials such as metallic papers and glass that won't run or rub off.

Use a stamp and special ink that uses a process called "heat embossing." This is basically a kind of "brand" that will go directly onto the metal or glass. If you do decide to go this route and use specialty inks, you should get a little bit of training from a scrapping consultant ar your local craft store, or watch a number of instructional videos. Using a heat embosser without proper training could end up damaging your book or even causing bigger problems.

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