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How to wear boots in the summer

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Wearing boots when it is warm outside looks pretty cool
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How do you wear boots in the summer? Heck, just put them on!

When you think of boots you may conjure up images of cold weather and knee high snow. However, boots are not relegated to winter wear. Figuring out how to wear boots in the summer is as easy as wearing them when Old Man Winter is in full force.

Wearing this footwear in the summer may be unorthodox, but that is the fun part. People will notice and may comment. Some may think you are a fashion faux-pas, but you are making a fashion statement and enjoying yourself at the same time. Expressing yourself via your choice of clothing and foot covering is part of the joy of living. You only go around once so make the most of it.

If conservative, this may not be within your fashion bailiwick but for those who like to mix it up, becoming boot-centric may be the right choice for you.

Wear fashionable classic or western boots with bare legs and a flirty, short skirt or dress. This is edgy and certainly unexpected. Slip into some mid-calf or ankle styles, which are not as bulky or hot as knee highs. Avoid dark colors. Lighter colored footwear look best when combined with lightweight warm weather garments.

Go western and wear them with a pair of cut off shorts or a mini or maxi dress. Put on your cowgirl hat, add some turquoise jewelery and head out to the local drinking hole to do some two-stepping.

Another option is the slouchy, short suede boot. They look great with flowing skirts or dresses. Wear them with a jeans skirt, a classic look, especially for the young or the young-at-heart.

Boots are synonymous with jeans material but you can couple them with material you wouldn't ordinarily wear with this footwear.

Many women love to wear open toe sandals and heels but there are those who hate exposing their toes and feet. If you are in the I-do-not-reveal-my-feet camp, slip your tootsies into a light-color pair of ankle highs. You will you look eery bit as hip as those wearing stylish sandals and you don't have to get a pedicure to wear them!

Consider a perforated pair. They are sharp looking and provide ventilation so feet don't get too hot.

It can get downright nippy in the summer. These shoes keep your feet warm when you are in air conditioned buildings. It may be hotter than Hades during the day but nights can be cool. Wear this type of footwear on your evening outings.

There are those who experience cold feet even when it is 90 degrees outside. If you are one of these people, wearing boots, rather than sandals with socks, which is a strange look, may be the answer for you. You can keep your feet and toes warm while still looking stylish.

Women (and men) wear blue jeans, even when it is hot outside. This kind of footwear always works well with jeans. Cuff the jeans so the foot covering can be seen.

Do not be surprised when you see a bride who is just edgy enough to wear a pair of kick-butt boots with her tea-length (or even full-length) summer bridal gown.

Women like this kind of foot covering for a variety of reasons. Boots are a fashion statement and jazz up an otherwise ordinary outfit. They provide protection from the elements and most importantly make a woman feel confident and wanting to strut her stuff. You do not have to wait until autumn to slip your feet into this footwear. Do it year-round.

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