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Kid friendly halloween recipes

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Halloween cooking
Treats like this are frightfully fun
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Kid friendly Halloween recipes are perfect to get your child into the kitchen

There's more to Halloween than just trick-or-treating. Yummy treats are the highlight of many Halloweens, and they're even better when they appeal to kids. The following kid friendly Halloween recipes are both simple and delicious.

Make these creations even more special by letting the kids help out!

Graveyard Cake

This cake has a bunch of cute elements to it, and best of all, one can cheat and use a box cake mix.


1 or 2 square cake pans, depending on how many cake layers are desired or pan size
1 box Devil's Food cake mix
1 tub chocolate icing
12 chocolate sandwich cookies, crushed
8 Milano cookies
1 tube black icing
1 handful gummy worms
a few plastic bugs

Bake the box cake mix as directed. Let cool and put a generous amount of frosting on the entire cake. Crush the sandwich cookies and sprinkle them all over the top of the cake to create the effect of dirt. Take the tube of black icing and write RIP on each Milano cookie. Insert the Milano cookies into the cake vertically in 2 rows of 4. Sprinkle the gummy worms all over the cake. Add the plastic bugs to the top of the cake, making sure to take them off before eating.

Ta-da! The Graveyard Cake is ready!

Witch's Hand

This recipe adds a spooky twist to popcorn.


Clear plastic gloves
Candy corn
Decorative black or orange ribbon
Plastic spider rings

Cut off the tip of each finger on the glove. Make sure the holes are big enough so that half of the candy corn fits into in it, but it doesn't go through entirely. Insert the candy corn pointy side first into the big opening of the glove and push one into each finger. Add the popcorn so it fills the glove, but make sure to leave room to tie the glove. Tie the glove with the decorative ribbon, then quickly move the scissors across the hanging part of the ribbon to make it wavy. Add a spider ring to one of the fingers.

Just a handful of ingredients used wisely can really wow the kids!

Witch's Brew

Wash down all of these sweets with a 3-step beverage.


Glass Cauldron
Dry Ice
Equal parts orange and red fruit drink
Plastic spiders, roaches, and fingers

Add enough orange and red juice to almost fill the cauldron, making sure to leave room for the dry ice. Add a few cups of dry ice. Insert the plastic spiders, roaches, and fingers.

The dry ice adds a nice smokey effect and the combination of the orange and red juice makes the drink turn a nice, murky brown color.

These easy recipes will create great memories that your kids will want to recreate year after year!

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