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You won't have to be live in studio to hear your favorite music
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Here are a few ideas on how to listen to live radio stations online

If you looked up "live radio stations online," you would get somewhere around 538,000,000 results, depending upon which search engine you used.  There are so many internet radio stations and internet radio options in general that it's truly mind-boggling.  And you don't want to have to sift through all those results, finding out which links are the best, which can be trusted, and so forth. 

All you want to do is listen to some good music:  rock, rap, classical, country, dance.  So let's streamline the process and listen to live radio stations online.

Using Windows Media Player on your PC to Listen to Live Radio

A player like Windows Media Player, which is already available on most Windows 7 later operating systems, can be your first step toward being able to listen to live radio stations online.  Programs such as QuickTime and RealPlayer can also be used, as radio on the internet usually broadcasts in these formats. 

Once you open Windows Media Player, simply head up to Media Guide, click on it, and you'll be taken to the main media page.  Click on internet radio, which is an option on the upper left and you will be taken to the main radio page. There, you'll be able to look at top stations, with options for Classic Rock, Country, New Age, Jazz, Dance, Oldies, and much, much more.  You may also search for radio stations, both local and nationwide. 

In order to get the best out of this radio listening experience, you may want to look into such peripherals as speakers, top of the line headphones, and more, in order to pump up both the volume and the quality of the sound you are receiving.

Searching for Specific Radio Stations Online

Say you're looking for, CBC radio, or any of your local radio stations available online. 

Simply put the call sign for your local radio stations (examples might be 104.1, 98.5, etc.) into a search engine (say and you will get specific results within seconds.  Then, check out your local radio stations' homepage to see if they have a link option to live radio.

For both the NPR and CBC site, they will offer live radio broadcasts to the listener from the comfort of their own computer.  As well, many of these stations will offer archived broadcasts in case there was a program you may have missed. 

The great part about many of these stations is that what they are offering will be free to use.  You can find your favorite local stations, specific talk radio programs, nationwide stations, and you can listen to them from your personal computer, while working on a term paper, surfing the web, or finishing some last minute work for your job.  There are many options when it comes to listening to live radio stations online, and hopefully, now you can go out and find that perfect station.


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